Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Prepping for the 2013 GA State KB Sport Championship

So the Georgia State meet is this weekend, and my last blog post was about me treating a back injury. I restored prone cobras to my routine, with good results. I also found a way to take a nap with a light traction on my shoulders and upper back, and I woke up pain-free. I've had to do some maintenance to prevent a relapse in what was clearly a compromised system, but the results have been good.

See you all there on Saturday!

M LC Density
LC 3'/2'r amrap @24,20,16: 10,15,18
2x16kg J: 10/1' x2
KB SQ: 2x20kg 5,5
Prone cobras: 2x25
Stretch, notes: tried rest before clean instead of after; didn't help 24s as I expected it would. 
Tu body work and a WALK
Check. Feeling good.
W LC 5' Test
20/5': 29 or 30
1mi walk/jog and stretch: check.
Stretch, notes: not bad. Done without visible clock, 6rpm felt rushed or at least poorly regulated. Most people work without a clock to follow their breathing. I work with a clock to regulate my breathing.  Interesting.

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