Thursday, July 25, 2013

Training Log - 2013/07/25 Small Victory

Th LC 10' down the bells
warmup and stick work
24:13/3' + 20:15/3' consecutive
2:00 rest
16/4': 25 no guards
2 sets prone cobras, stretch 

This was a small win for me, not being exhausted or missing reps at the end of my 24kg set. Only 7:00 more to go. Did my 16kg set with deeper knees and no wrist guards, after a short rest. Felt good, felt like safe, proper practice that used the right form without feeling dangerously heavy on my knees.

Tomorrow is a secondary Squat Day.  Saturday is an optional run and body work day.  Will update again soon.

This is a YouTube Doubler mashup of today's video (right) and 3 weeks ago (left).

Training Log - 2013/07/23-24 and season predictions

I've noted two things this week: I'm not as limber as I used to be, and I'm not as strong as I used to be. "Used to be" is only a few months ago, when I was doing more general work than sport work. My cardio is up, but my strength is off. As usual, I have some clues what I lack and what I need to work on to improve; the schedule may get complicated. This season is already what it will ultimately be, better than the last and short of my goal, and that is overall a good thing. I've started planning the offseason and next year, including these few predictions.
  • I may make AKA Rank 3 this year, probably not until New York in September. I may not.
  • My long-term goal is Rank 1, not Master of Sport. It may be Summer of 2014 or later.
  • There's a chance I may never make Rank 1, or that I may only do it once.
I forgot to note earlier that I'm not as young as I used to be, either. I have acquaintances in their 20s, male and female, who are moving through the heavy bells on a steady, almost linear schedule. I expect three of them to rank MS on September 07 in New York and another in the Spring. I have other peers in their 40s and 50s who have lifted the same bells as long as I've known them, even moved backward once or twice. They lift for health and for fun.

There's a point to be made about career potential. A 40-yr-old NFL quarterback is remarkable but not uncommon. Becoming an NFL quarterback at 35 just doesn't happen. The difference between quarterback and MS is that I can actually play football for a few seconds before my knee, ribs, ankle, back, and neck give out. I can't even rack 2x32kg. In one more season, I'll be a 45-yr-old amateur. This is a basic realism for a middle-aged American kettlebell hobbyist.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Training Log 2013/07/22

Monday - LC density

Foam roll and stick work
LC 2'/2'r: 
- 4rpm@24kg, 6rpm@20kg, 4rpm@24kg, 6rpm@20kg, 8rpm@16kg
16kg cool-down, 2x25 prone cobras, and stretch
Feels just a little "off" today. I tore a tiny hole in a callus only 3 reps into 24kg warmup, but it didn't get worse as the session wore on.

I had a 1mi run yesterday, first in a few weeks, and my calves were stiff. That may have affected my launch today. I've documented an odd set of assistance work requirements for my personal progress. Heavy squat work keeps my launch up. In fact, my launch suffers if I do only speed work or only volume work; I need to lift heavy. Running builds resilience in my feet, which helps more than I ever imagined it would. When I transitioned from barbell offseason back into KB preseason, my feet took a pounding. It's been a challenge to mix running and squats with any regularity and not cut into KB volume. I wish I had the recovery capacity to train (nearly) every day.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Training Log 2013/07/19-21

Friday was to be a 24kg test set. Overnight work and morning on-call pages have played havoc with my rest schedule, and my peace of mind. Only 9 reps into a Friday test, my knees gave out. Rescheduled for Saturday morning, on video below.

Sa LC 24kg test set
Club, stick, spine, squats, triples
24: 13/3', 8/90" blew a clean
16: 34/5' (8,8,6,6,6)
2 rounds cool down drills 16kg
2x25 prone cobras: xx
Stretch, notes: paged at 6am, on-call has been rough on my training.
Disappointed with money set. Had more than 3:00, but not smooth at all.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Training Log - 2013/07/17: 5min Long Cycle sprints

Indian clubs, T-spine roller, and overhead stick work in warmup
- 2x20: 30/5' (PR)
- 2x16: 40/5' (PR)
Totally beat, but this was a good pace. Both sets felt like dropping the pace by the 3:00 mark. I am accustomed to 5:00, but I am not accustomed to sprinting. Both sets were 5:00 PRs. I've done 10rpm for 2:00 with 16s, but my form was not the same, and that's not something one wants to practice. 8rpm is a suitable sprint for me.

I've trained Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday for the longest time now. The general practice of only two straight days is good in theory, but my calluses motivate me to lift bells on alternating days instead of Thursday-Friday. This is the first time I've trained (any discipline) three straight days in some time now. I believe this will let me recover before doing money set on Friday, and sets up Saturday for optional GPP work.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Training Log - 2013/07/16: 20% strength, 80% sport

The time has come to cut down assistance work outside the purpose of basic therapy. There's a column by Dan John about training an elite level fighter through an offseason and into competition time. While I am by no means elite, not in any most generous sense of the word, I do compete in a repetitive, fairly movement-limited sport. Here's an excerpt from Dan's "Mass Made Simple" column:

"I am the strength and conditioning support guy in this endeavor. That is all. I monitor that edge of the training. I get twenty percent of the total time dedicated to training. So, “Rule One:” 80% of the training is the sport. The bulk of conditioning is going come from training in the sport. If our athlete is “not in shape” to fight, it is because we are failing to condition him on the mat. Mat time is the single most important factor in the success (defined as “winning the match” six months from now). There are times that the strength and conditioning work will hamper the fight training, the technical work. It must be carefully crafted and planned for the right time. We can NOT have an exhausted athlete fight for the money." (© DAN JOHN)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Training Log 2013/07/15 - Long cycle volume

Monday - Long Cycle volume
Indian clubs, T-spine roller work in warmup
LC 2' AMRAP/2' rest, down the rack of bells
2x25 prone cobras, stretch

I didn't sleep through the night; barely got out of bed today. The 24s tried to pin me to the floor, but good work with the lighter bells and the quicker pace.

Wore the new compact KettleGuards today. Nice fit, plenty big enough*. I could easily compete in these. For my size, the standards might almost be a tad long, so this is an easy adaptation to make.

* Some federations have a 10cm (4in) limit on wrist wraps. The standard KGs are 5in; the compact are 3.7in to align with AKA and IUKL guidelines, among others.

Friday, July 12, 2013


I've overhauled and remodeled my online presence a bit. Registered my domain, made entries for my blogs, etc. They're still back there for anyone who has the old URLs at the hosting service, but at least it's all organized now. As I'm in technology as a profession, this is still kind of a half-effort way to do things, but it's free and the end product is okay. I'll be posting much more often now. Enjoy.

Myself -
My training -

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Training log - 2013/07/07-08

I am seriously reconsidering my online presence. I've blogged a little, off and on, for some 6 years now. It's mostly been off. This blog's title no longer means what it meant a few years ago. I've got an entirely separate journal that's long been idle, one not committed completely to fitness. Most of my creativity lately has only sprouted in response to aggravation, and that's not as satisfying as it once was. Stay tuned.
Beginning a kettlebell template from coach at Extreme Fitness. Haven't done 5:00 sets in almost a month, and he's talking about an easy-pace 5-7 min set with 24s.  Sure... 5:00 with 24s.

M LC speed
Indian clubs, T-spine roller: xx
LC 5'/5'r@20,16 6-8rpm
(Blew it! Misread timer.)
- 20:25/4', then 8/1'
- 16:8,8,8,6,6 (36)/5'
2x25 prone cobras: xx
Stretch, notes: pace wore me out. Reps were okay. Cleans are much improved, smoother into the rack.

Tu 65% box Squats at speed
Indian clubs, T-spine roller: xx
Box SQ 5@45,65,95
2 SQ/2@24" jumps:
- 2@125x3
- 2@145x3
Jump-squats@145: 20,20,20
50 push-ups: 15,10,15,10
2x25 prone cobras: xx
Stretch, notes: squats still feel slow, but the work is the work. Wouldn't expect to be all fixed by the second day.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Training log - 2013/06/30 week

Coach and I agreed I needed work on speed, mostly quickness out of the first dip. I'm also changing the form of my cleans a little bit to land smoother at the top. Coach was comfortable with me doing my own KB programming, but offered a template that I'm following.

Thursday's 24kg/2' set

Indian clubs, T-spine roller: x
2x20 prone cobras: xx
LC 5@16,20,24,24,24: xx 5,4nc,5
Deep Jerks 16kg:20/3', 14/2'
Stretch, notes: regular jerk annoys my wrists terribly. Forgot why I quit that. Replace with LC, even if light and deep.