Friday, December 19, 2014

Like a tiny little brick wall

I ran a community 5K race last weekend. I had not run in 10 days prior, so my calves and feet were sore most of this week. Still, I underestimated the challenge this would present to my kettlebell lifting.

My heavy-bell sets this week were shorter than 2wks ago, some ending in no-counts. My knees were slow and sore, and my total volume was down about one third. I've been doing multiple 3' sets with 1' rest, not even feasible this week. Today, I traded the endurance sets for a few days of strength work and positive rep quality.

2x24kg LC multiple sets of 5-8 for volume
2x16kg LC 5' set
strength work: handstands, cable rows, 2x24kg squats, ab wheel rollouts
running 30-40' x2/wk

Today's work felt good. I didn't tear any blisters. Off the record, I even did a few reps of Jerk with 2x28kg. Tomorrow, I have calisthenics and a long run.

This isn't the usual plan for 7wks before a major competition, but it is the usual plan for someone who needs to heal and rejuvenate. In a few more days, I'll add more 24kg sets and move the 5' finisher up to 20kg. I'll post an update around New Year's. Have a wonderful holiday season, everyone.

Monday, December 15, 2014

2014 Huntersville Holiday 5K

Well, I did that. I'm "a runner", and I had a great time. The running community vibe reminds me of kettlebell sport, with the individual challenge of the sport and the enthusiastic, universal support. I was amazed at the number of running clubs, even marathon clubs, local to this area. And I was proud of my neighbor and friend, Jesi, for finishing with her head up and her family and newborn baby at the line.

I have nursed a bruise on my foot since early December, not running even once for ten days before the event. I foam rolled, I massaged, I rubbed menthol cream. The morning of, I had a great warmup, and my feet were bouncy and fresh. I pushed myself and cut more than 3:00 off my previous best 5K time. I'm the bumblebee at the 17:33 mark below.

For the record, I passed the little boy in yellow a quarter mile back. 10 of the top 20, including both M and F overall winners, were ages 16 and under. Two of them were 9... 'sigh' I couldn't get up out of a chair that evening, and it still affected my KB lifting this morning. But, I didn't blister anything or make my bruise any worse. This was a good run.

I also finished 3rd in Men 45-49, with an official time of 25:23. I read later that 4th place finished 3.9 seconds back, just some anonymous timing chip in the crowd that I never chased or even saw. I wanted to walk that hill at 2mi so bad, but I was still breathing 3-in/3-out through my nose. I had no motivation to push but the knowledge that I wasn't yet pushing. It was only in hindsight that I learned how all my choices added up to that slim 3.9 seconds. I'd have never forgiven myself if I hadn't run my best race.