Friday, August 28, 2015

Finally, it comes to this

I set the bells down in December of 2014 due to persistent lumbar back pain. I've trained Biathlon again this last month, hoping to compete at Great Bells of Fire in October. I think my longest Snatch set ever, with any bell, was some 50 per hand before my left arm went numb. This season of rehab helped me score 12kg/45+45/6' and 8kg:100+104/10' this month. That's after not snatching since 2011. I'm actually doing Snatch as a cool-down at the end of my regular workouts, on purpose.

Then there's Jerk. The first time I racked two bells mid-Summer, my lower back hurt. Over the last month, I've had to do twists and stretches between 3' Jerk sets and the rest of my workout. Today's 5' test yielded 40 reps (a good Jerk score for me), carpal tunnel pain in both hands, and lower back pain. My spine was actually popping and realigning itself during squats later, which was as ironic as it was unnerving beneath the bar. But, it underscored that I've been needing therapy work to undo one exercise so I could complete my other exercises.

I won't be returning to the Kettlebell Sport platform. I know that barely interests maybe a half-dozen people, but it's still important that I put these words in print. I'm 46 years old. I lift barbells and run trails and enjoy a variety of calisthenics, all without pain. I was never good enough to compete with 24kg bells, the international men's standard, and it's simply not for me anymore. I'll be unloading extra bells, keeping singles from 8kg to 24kg, and moving on with actually taking care of myself. That is our first priority in the gym, after all, to move and feel and be better.