Monday, July 19, 2010

253, 142.4, 7.0%, 200

Six years ago, a routine physical and blood workup showed I was 20lb overweight and had a cholesterol of 230.  I changed my diet and exercise and dropped 20lb, 100 triglycerides and 50 cholesterol over the next year.  Six months ago, I was exercising with Russian kettlebells regularly and another 5lb lighter.  A cholesterol screen in a bloodmobile reported 253, and I was just beside myself.  I should have gone right to Quest or somewhere and gotten retested, but I was just outdone.  I wanted to come back for one more blood screen with a point to make and an axe to grind, to leave no doubt that I had done my due diligence.

Today, I'm another 5lb lighter (lighter than high school graduation).  I'm flinging kettlebell 3 or 4 times a week.  A local gym brought a machine by the office today to do BMI and body fat measurements.

Age = 40
Height = 5'8"
Weight = 142.4lb
BMI = 21.7
Body fat = 7.0%
BMR = 1551kcal

This deserved a celebration.  A few get-ups, a few presses, a few pullups, and a snatch test.  The Secret Service Snatch Test (SSST) is 200 reps in 10min with 24kg.  I'm not up to 24kg yet, but I snatched 12kg for 200 reps in 10min today for the first time.

I'll get my blood lipids retested again by the end of the month.  If my cholesterol's still high, then it's genetic and I'll deal with a doctor who knows more about exercise and nutrition than prescribing statins to perfectly healthy people.  I've known two people on statins.  They both suffered liver damage and chronic muscle pain.  I'd almost rather take my chances with cholesterol and 7.0% body fat.


  1. Congratulations for your progress.

    But don´t bother about cholesterol. Do some research about "cholesterol myth" and be amazed by the amount of misinformation msm AND mainstream science spread over the people.

    P.S.: Sorry for my english. I´m from Brazil.

  2. Hey John, I do the whole paleo thing and I found my cholesterol numbers improved a lot. Mostly I just only eat monosaturated fats and try to stay away from processed foods and complex carbs. I wouldn't sweat it too much either though :)


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