Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Apparently an entertainer assaulted a coach in a gym with a kettlebell this weekend. I've seen it shared and re-shared on my social media feeds, unfortunately even by some kettlebell athletes and trainers I know. Apparently this is what "kettlebell" means now; it's what that rapper threw at that guy that one time because barbells, plates, dumbbells, Indian clubs, and ab wheels weren't at-hand. Thank goodness it wasn't a jump rope; imagine the impact to grade schools everywhere.

This story was on ESPN SportCenter today during my lunch hour yesterday, but I didn't see one mention of the US National Women's Soccer Team winning its World Cup match against Colombia. It was a difficult game, and Megan Rapinoe got suspended (for a truly questionable call) from the upcoming match against China. That's sports news. That's something a nationwide TV audience should be interested in, on an all-sports TV network.

I'd like to acknowledge for listing this story under "Entertainment". Not that assault is entertaining, but at least CNN sorted out this tabloid chaser from the innocent people being actually victimized with fists and guns and abduction and bigotry in their other reports. This incident drew charges of assault with a deadly weapon, battery, and "terrorist threats". For academic reasons alone, I want to hear what he said that escalated this from A&B to terrorism.

I don't have a good ending to this. That this shiny person gets this kind of attention when real news doesn't just irritates me.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Back into KB biathlon training

Two weeks ago, I resumed lifting kettlebells after a six-month hiatus. I'm focused on biathlon and light weights at the moment, along with a little strength and mass work to keep my weight up. My joints feel pretty good, except for one shoulder I'll get into later. (It has an MRI scheduled.)

2/wk KB Jerk, BB squats, pushups, inclined rows
2/wk KB Snatch/Swing, BB press, rows or chinups, running

What's important to me in my training right now is that I continue to move well without pain.

My weight finally settled at 160lb, and I'm still able to do chinups and run miles. It's not all just baggage. I'd like to make 165-170 first, the lean out to make Aquaman for Halloween.

I stopped lifting KBs in December when racking doubles gave me lower back pain. After six months of work, the very first time I racked double bells again, my lower back hurt. I'm giving this the Summer, if that long. If it doesn't work itself out, then my body is not adapted for KB sport and I should quit forcing the issue. Needing to heal between competitions and ramp up again is ridiculous.

Americans default to Long Cycle when they don't have the flexibility for Biathlon. We Jerk because Snatch irritates our shoulders and hands. We Clean between Jerks because our rack hurts. Then we call ourselves Long Cycle Specialists. I have resumed training KB sport lifts, with Biathlon. If it doesn't work itself out, then my body is not adapted for KB sport and I should quit forcing the issue.

Lastly, these six months have shown me that I respond very well to medium-intensity strength work and running. I hurt my shoulder with a partial one-armed pushup, but close-grip pushups suit me just fine. That 80% intensity range is a sweet spot. I'm cleaning 135 and squatting 205 for sets and running 2-3 miles, and it feels great.

This should feel great. I don't have time and energy in my life to spend healing between exercise irritations. I'm truly done with that. If it doesn't improve me, I'm done with it. I need to move well more than I need to win a trophy. I don't win trophies anyway, so... there's that.