Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day, 2015

I got you some swole and ripped; I hope you like it.

Seriously, though, I've been 4wks on a rebuilding period in my training. All my KB work has been one-armed. I've done high volume work in recovery and calisthenics, and my overhead looks really good now. I get uncomfortable in my hands and wrists at 24kg and up, so my next goal is a 10' OALC set with 24kg before I even load up doubles again. If I compete in May or don't, it's fine with me. I want this as a milestone.

About a week ago, I developed this odd, familiar pinch in the hip with all the metal. It felt exactly like my post-op IT band irritation from 2009. I'm still trying to get rid of it, but it makes my legs a little asymmetrical and did cause some blowback in the other leg. I've had a couple of short runs with the dog, but no serious heavy-workload or long-distance work.

Lastly, the company has an annual wellness challenge in February. I'm on a team with three office mates, putting my diet and workout logs into an app for internet points and pieces of flair. I started at 154lb and a goal of -1lb/wk loss to an eventual 145 in mid-March. It's anecdotally believed that gaining programs work better if you get lean first, so I may shoot for a lean 155 by April.

So, I found these in my closet. They're a little vintage, but I did wear them a couple years ago.