Friday, October 7, 2011

Training Log 10/02-10/08 - long sets and a 1 mile run

New focus on improving my cardio and limiting barbell work to cleans and front squats.  Hate to say it, but I'm in the 4-wk countdown to regionals.  I should be at volume right now.  Focusing on single 5-7' sets instead of consolidating multiple 3-4' sets still doesn't sit quite right with me.  Doing a 16kg speed/volume Sunday, and using OALC as finishers on 20kg days when I don't have other cardio.

10/02 Su 16kg long LC
- LC:
5'@8, mostly locomotive breathing, video
Kink in back. Rest, repeat.
5', breathe after J: 98889

Notes: kink in R scap all wknd, felt a knot there in warmup and at 4'. Loco breathing same tempo as steady after jerk. If anything, 1 breath after jerk works better at 16kg, but that may be better suited for fast pace.
10/03 Mo 20kg LC
Lost sleep, light back spasm. Packed a ball. 10 pistols and spine mob before lunch.
20kg LC Evening
- LC: 27/4:30 loco breathing, 3 extra after Jer, almost blacked out!
- OALC 2x10
10/04 Tue BB
Run/walk/loaded carry dog 1mi
BW 144.0 noon
CL/FSQ: 8@85,95,105, 5@115, from the floor

10/05 We 20kg long LC
LC: 25/4:30
Stairs: 6 laps

10/06 Th BB work
1mi w dog
DL and SN warmup
CL/FSQ: 8@95, 8@105, 5@115
Cardio 10-12':  12' run, 1mi (ran a mile, PR in every conceivable statistic)

started 5mph, finished 3'@6mph. HR 115 after 2' cool.

Notes: too many things. Wasted time. Better: snatch 45, CL/FSQ 95-105, run. Ran a mile. :-)
10/07 Fr 20kg LC
LC: 30/6', no drops (PR reps and time)


Training Log 09/11-09/30

Posted a video outline of my "short set" day, minus dips, which are boring unless they're full depth and weighted.  Got away from posting for a while, so this is a recap of September work.  I spent the middle of the month rehabilitating a low back/hip strain for a PR dead lift of 235lb.  It was a mistake, and I haven't dead lifted heavy since.  Cleans, front squats, some jerks and snatches.

The high point of the month was 09/26 in the notes.  It's my cardio.  I accepted ownership of that, and my numbers started climbing steadily.

09/11 Su 16kg short LC
LC:2'@10, 1'rest x3
J:1'@12, CL:2'@12
5SQ/40JSQ, 15 1/4 Dips: x3
Notes: Knee wrap worked well. Keep it.
09/15 Mo 16kg med LC
LC: 37/5', 36/5'
09/13 Lunch BB
Power CL: 5@65 with sq, 5@95, 3@105
- DL with short plates:
4@135, 2@185, singles 195, 205, 225, 3@165, 2@185, 2@205 Pullups/HLR: 4x5
09/14 We 16kg long LC
LC: 77666666 (50/8', time PR)
Stair Carries and Squats
09/16 Fr 20kg long LC 
LC: 54445 (22/5', time PR)
- BB work
CL/FSQ: 3@65, 85, 95
BSQ: 5@135, 2@185, 3@155, 7@145, 8@135
Dips, pistols, pullups

Notes: Dan John advises using only 45s and 25s, mastering the weight and jumping to the next class.  Only 10 reps of whole body moves, after warmup sets.
09/18 Su 16kg short LC
LC: 30/3', 90"r,  28/3'
J: 18/90", CL: 27/2', exhausted
Squats and dips
NEW NOTES FROM COACH: Go 20kg/5-7' plus cardio
09/19 Mo 20kg LC
LC: 15/3', loose, 7/75", looser, 10 untimed, better
Notes: ditch the clock, work on breathing
BB work, tall plates
DL: 185 to 235 (PR and lumbar strain), pairs 215 to 175
09/21 We 20kg long LC
LC: 19/4', to failure
Lower back/hip recovery a few days.  Mobility, band work, and recuperative carries through 09/25.
09/26 Mo 20kg LC
LC: 5563, drop (19/4:40)
BB work
CL/SQ: warmup, singles to 115, 8@95, 6@115, 5@105
Jumps and carries

Notes: It's my cardio. Walk/run 1mi w Kilo. Rowing, running, or timed sets of JSQ on Mon, FSQ sets 8-10 on Fri, no more singles. Actual 10' stair carries, no more subbing squats and flat ground. Get this turned around. You're strong enough; make it go.
09/28 We 20kg long LC
- LC: 22 on video, untimed
OALC: 16/2' each
Stairs: 5 laps/10', breaks at 4' and 8'

09/30 Fr 20kg LC
LC: 23/4:20, breathing before CL
BB work
CL/SQ: 8@85, 8@95, 8@105
Few CL and SN with bar, felt good.  Stretch, walk, rest.