Thursday, May 26, 2011

Training Log 05/21-05/27 Test and rest

Short week, planning an all-out test Tuesday, then 5 days rest.  Did not work out that way.  I've been experimenting with chalking snatches, and it bit me bad on Sunday.  I got in some good jerk work, then right knee came up really sore.  Was much better by Thursday, but I've got to stop creating small injuries.

05/21 2x16kg Jerk and Squats
- Drive. Relax. Breathe.
shoulders, hips, jumps, OALC warmup
J: 2x16/  /3-4' x2-3
30/3', 30/3', 20/2', lockout getting weak, but good work
5CL-FSQ 20JSQ: 3sets
Stretch legs and back

Notes: finally got elbows to IC in squats. Lockout got loose in set 3. Drive was good. 10rpm was good.  Good session.

05/22 16kg Snatch and Cycling
- Drive. Relax. Breathe. Done a lot of hasty 4' lately. Maybe 2',1'r,2' L, then repeat on R.
shoulders, hips, Windmills
SN: 2' left, 1' rest, 2' right
Mistake. Outdoors and hot, chalked thoroughly. Blistered the left hand at 3', did not feel it coming on.  Blistered the right hand at 3', did not feel it coming on.  Tried some swings for conditioning work.
SW: 30ea, no more.  Done.
Cycling: 5.5mi/20', HR 130, 160 cal

Notes: chalk does not help me unless the handle is wet-chalked to a smooth, almost plastic finish.  The new WKC bells don't have the texture on the handles to hold chalk that way. Outside does not work for SN. Screwed Tue test day entirely, and may lose snatch practice next week.  Did not feel any pain 2 reps before failure.  Should have seen this coming.

The snatch grip pressure is not equal across all fingers.  The fingers that usually slide on the handle with very little pressure were sticking by the chalk and creating friction.  Some light damage on middle fingers, but major damage on ring and pinkie fingers, which I don't even use to support the bell.  I may be able to do jerks Tuesday or Thursday, but even cleans will be dangerous between now and next week.  Dang it.

05/23 Mon
Mobility on roof
Cycling: 6.1mi/20', HR 135 at 110rpm, 170cal. 

 Ended w 3' sprint at 120rpm, HR 155.
FTW SQ: 10,10,10
Divebomber Pushups: 10

Knee feels okay. HR is lower now for 20'@110rpm than 3mos ago for 12'@100rpm.

05/24 Tue 16kg 2x16kg Jerk test, no SN
- Drive. Relax. Breathe.
shoulders and hips warmed up

J: no attn to clock, test on video
55/6'30" PR, rank III number + 2
Cycling: 3.2/12', 135 HR, 90cal

Notes: pinched heel of thumb 2-3 times near the end, which is weird to do. Made rank plus 2, called it done.

PS: knee got very sore and noisy by afternoon. Mobilized and rubbed down, then iced.  Presents catch/pop pain at 90deg, then tension pain at 45deg.

05/26 Thu, 144.75lb BW after breakfast
Mobilize all, focus on stabilizing right leg
 - alt DL sets with Pullups
Dumbbell Deadlifts: 10x100, 10x120, 5x150
Pullups: 5Close Chin, 5Overhand, 5Towel
Cycling: 5.6mi/20' L8, 135HR, 160cal
Stretch, ice knee

Notes: DLs felt good, pullups were crisp and deep. Strong ext torque on leg relieved knee pain. Make a note.  Granted there was rest and therapy, but this practically re-set my knee.  I can pass parallel without a hitch, and I can get rock-bottom with a slightly wide stance and parallel feet.  This feels great.  Also, I did not have any trouble with my hands after all this hook-grip pulling.  May be able to snatch next week after all.

Notes: 4-wk back off overdue. Last SN PR was May 05, 45ea/6'.  Haven't touched it in almost 3wks. L elbow (ulnar nerve) sore since May 15. Blisters on both hands from experimenting with chalk. Strained right knee May 09, still impaired 2wks later. K-Starr's hip openers definitely stretched the knee in the spot where it's sore, like the external torque came from outside the leg.  I am NOT injury-free. This is NOT effective training. Lose the chalk for snatches.  Drop the 5th session. Rest before resuming with SN day, J day, two Bi days until State.  Make weight, or don't, but quit worrying about weight on June 19.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Training Log 05/14-05/20

Starting the week with a sensitive right knee.  Aware of this since a mild patellar strain last Monday (seems to be vastus medialis obliquus).  It's getting better, but it's regulating my jerks, deep squats, and stretching.

05/14 2x16kg Jerk, Squats
- Drive. Relax. Breathe.
shoulders, hips, jumps 2 x5
OAJ: 10-15ea for breathing

- J: 2x16/40 or 4' x2 sets
35 vid, no clock. Do 40 or 5' next.
40/4'30", cheated some 2nd dips

5FSQ 20JSQ: 2
15 Step ups and dips: 2
Stretch back, arms, easy on legs

Notes: triceps and shoulders were tired after. Video shows a SLOW lockout during even the first set, evidence of a sloppy leg drive. Knee was weak but not in pain. I was still tentative with it and cheated a LOT of the second dips. Nothing but massage and ice until Tuesday. Breathing was "off", a little hasty. Never sustained a groove like last week, but I did drift in and out of grooves and keep going for two significant sets.

05/15 16kg Snatch, Cycling
shoulders, hips
- Stack.  Relax.  Breathe.

SN: 16kg/  /4-5' x2-3
30+30/4', 30+30/4', 20+20 untimed

Cycling: 5.25mi/20', HR 125, 150cal
Stretch well, careful with legs

Notes: L elbow sore, feels like ulnar nerve tension.  I even stretched between sets.  HR was unusually low for a snatch/cycling session.  I hope I can attribute that to spectacular conditioning.  Finding that the hip opener stretch puts tension on R knee and causes shooting pain around VMO.  Susceptible to stretch in internal or external rotation or deep flexion.  Be careful with this.  This is wk 3, but close enough to the meet to warrant a rest either right now or at weekend.

05/17 16 Biathlon
shoulders, hips, jumps 2 x5
- Plan for practice sets, not PR numbers.

J: 10,9,9,8/4'
Stopped early and safe.  On video.


Bell had something on the handle.  Grip was irritated.

Notes: Good practice anyway.  Sustained 9rpm in Jerk.  Snatches were hasty and lacked rhythm, so stopped well short of failure.  Knee was okay.

From video:  lean back more from snatches.  Get forearm on torso.  Legs are not vertical in jerks.  Stacking and 2nd dip were irregular.

05/18 2x16 Jerk, Squats
- Drive. Quads. Breathe.
shoulders, hips, jumps 2 x5

J: 2x16/4-breath test, 2-3'
40/4', 3'r, 24/2', 3'r, 12/1'

5FSQ 20JSQ: 2 sets
Stretch legs and back

Notes: Good drive today.  12rpm is a bear, but 8-10 is manageable and available to me now.  This went well.  A few reps (no video) absolutely shot up in the air and I moved underneath.  My usual motion pulls back overhead at the top.  Those few unusual reps were the easiest I've ever done.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Training Log 05/07-05/13, Rank IV Test

Basics over the weekend, testing rank IV (12kg) on Monday.

05/07 16kg Snatch, Cycling
sh ext rot, hips, Windmill

- SN: 16kg/16-18rpm/1-2' alt  hands
2' ea @16 x3, 2'/1'30"@18
= 128
10ea 2breath: xx
20ea 2breath: x
- Total = 128,10,10,20 = 168ea

Cycling 5.75 mi/20', HR 140, 160 cal

Felt good.  Did some at pace, some slower with extra breaths in the rhythm.  The timing practice was good.

05/08 2x16kg Jerk, Squats
- rank test Monday, lighten up
- Big leg drive. Quads relaxed.
sh rot, hips, jumps 2 x5

J 2-3 sets: 24/3',26/3',24/3'

Stretch legs and back

Felt good.  9' total volume at pace.  I need more days like this.  Soon I'll start reducing assistance work and adding volume sets like this.

05/09 rank IV test @5:30

12kg, 55J, 52SN @65kg BW
Jerk Video 
Snatch Video

Tested at 65kg.  I wanted to present 70kg numbers, mostly to show myself that I could, and to pad a couple extra reps in case the reviewer finds fault.  Coach says these looked good.  I had more in the tank, lots more.  I could probably go 10' at pace with that weight.  Vids currently not on my own channel and not searchable; hence, the links.

05/11 2x16 Jerk
shoulders, jumps, half get-ups, watch the right knee
- "Practice" by 4-5 breaths, video, 35+ goal, no clock.  Find sustainable rhythm.

J: 2x16kg/48/5'35"  <-- Big PR

16kg Jump Squats: 30, 20
Stretch well

PR on time and reps, actually 1rpm faster than usual.  65kg rank number at BW 144lb afterward, hydrated, wet t-shirt.  I quit while okay, but my lockout was fading fast.  Will work 75% for now and re-test in 2wks for 53/50.  I think I can.

05/12 20kg Snatch and Deadlift
shoulders, half get-ups, watch the right knee
- Keep the arc close, in the top triangle between the legs.  Stack and rest.  Technique work.

SN: 1'ea @15rpm, 2'r x3sets

DL: 5x140lb, 10x140lb
Stretch well

Iffy.  Right snatch was directly overhead, but the left snatch was wide.  Could not do the alternating sets non-stop.  Felt like a shoulder pull instead of a hip drive.  Revisit this later.  Heavy swings + comp snatches instead of heavy snatches.  Too close to State.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Training Log 05/03-05/06

Fresh off a 4-day rest.  Not shooting for PR, but for a clean 38-40 reps in 5'30" or more.  40J/43SN is my standing PR, both in around 5'.

Goals: stack the joints.  Relax the quads and shoulders between reps.  Do not rush snatches; start at 12 if necessary.

05/03 20kg Snatch and Deadlift
shoulders, hips, TGU
SN: 10 at top of the minute, alternating hands

DL: 5x130lb, 5x150lb
10 20kg Goblet Squats

Stacked well, 10/40-45".  Ready to try 20kg/10-12/1' without setting the bell down.

05/04 2x16kg Jerk and Squats
shoulder, hips, jumps 2x5
- J: 2x16/  /4' x2-3, Big leg drive.  Relax quads in the rack.
32/4', 3'r, 20/2', 3'r, 20/2'
15 BW dips x2
5FSQ + 35JSQ x2
Stretch legs and back

Stacking felt good.  Experimented with 10rpm.  I can "do" that, but it catches up with me.  I don't feel all the joint discomfort, but I'm totally out of wind.  Interesting angle for density training.

05/05 16kg Biathlon, 1 set each
shoulders, hips, warm up
- stack 'n relax. Shoot for 40 each.
J: goal 2x16/  /5-6'
(9,8,8,8)/4', stop.  Launch never felt "right", didn't push it.
SN: goal 16/  /5'30"
(45+45)/6', significant PR

The launch of my jerk never felt right.  My 1st dip seemed to drop away from my elbows, so it was jarring and jiggly.  At least I didn't fail out in 2min.  I stopped when the fatigue impacted my form.

Snatch felt good.  Stacked well, breathed twice.  Left hand went almost to complete failure on grip alone, not shoulder or wrist pain.  Made my 3min.  Technically, I was resting okay at the top and might have gotten a few more.  Right hand had 3-5 more left in the grip, but there was no point.  Interesting, the back of my right hand got sticky and began snagging under the handle.  Got wrenched a couple times.  Look into chalk, powder, whatever.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Recovery Work 04/30-05/01

Every four weeks I take a back-off period from heavy KB work.  Skipping the two weekend sessions buys me four days off.  Cycling, yoga and other restorative mobility work, and plenty of sunshine.

04/30 Recovery work
Cycling: 5.5mi/20', HR 140
Stretching, ankle work with rubber ball
Yoga by the pool
Pistols: 15 singles each leg, alternating sides, rock-bottom.  PR
6' of hip openers

Cycling with a partner, felt great.  Right hip finally opened.  Pistols got really droopy around 6.  Stopped to activate glutes and rehearse the squat position a couple times, resumed.  Felt progressively better from 8 to 12.  Stopped at 15 due to fatigue, not failure.  This was a clear-cut example of training strength until freshness and form first began to diminish.

05/01 Recovery work
- worked overnight, so not well rested
3 short sets Pullups: 5,5,3
15' Cycling: 5mi/18', 136cal, HR 145
Stretching, ankle and hip work
Yoga outdoors

Sitting overnight left me sore.  Glutes and hips hurt all day.  Rigorous work to loosen them up during the evening, much better Monday morning.