Thursday, April 28, 2011

Training Log 04/23-04/28

Spread out the assistance work, schedule an optional 5th session, and build some strength with one-armed heavier work.  Hopefully the sessions will be shorter and more focused, and I can redeem the time with preparation and recovery.  Ended with PRs of 40/5' Jerk and 43/5' Snatch.

04/23 24kg OAJ, SW
sh ext rot, hips, TGU x
OAJ ea: 5, 5, 5LC, 5, 10    (total 30+30)
SW 10-15ea: 15,10,10,10,10    (total 110+110)

LC actually felt good, shoulder-wide stance.  This was simple and to the point, and I liked it.  Started with a "5x5 strength program" idea, and the load was just right.  Get-up was heavy and in a confined space, so it presented a real sense of exertion and challenge.

04/24 16-20kg Snatch, Cycling
sh ext rot, hips, TGU
SN: 20/9ea/1'

16/32ea/4' x2 sets
6rpm, OH holds, alternating 1': 3sets ea.
Cycling 5.3mi/20' HR 130


Snatch sets felt good. Changing to 6rpm let me explore resting at the top. Fairly tired, still stayed up another minute and another 6 reps.  PR is still 42+40/5'20" from last Thursday biathlon session.  Shoot for 6' this week, even if lower rep count.

04/25 maintenance
Lunch hour:
stretch, 10 jerk jumps, 20 seated dips, 4 close-grip pullups, 15 Peterson step-ups
 x 2 circuits

04/26 20kg SN and Deadlifts
sh ext rot, hip distraction stretches, squats
SN: 10, top of the minute, alternating hands

8'@10rpm changing hands, 14+15/2' finisher
DL 5x130#
DL 5x150#

Felt good.  The AC was out, so hands were humid and soft and clearly the weak link.  Chalk made it worse.  Fingers a little sore, but did remarkably well overall.  2' finisher was rewarding.

04/27 2x16kg Jerk and Squats
shoulder rotation stretches, hip stretches, TGU
- Big leg drive.  Pause until quads relax, even if pace is slow.
J: 2x16/24/3' + 2'rest x3 sets
 -- (tried 10rpm in the last set.  Got as far as 10,6,8, but I tried.)
5FSQ+30JSQ x2sets
Stretch legs and back

TONS of little adjustments, gleaned from different trainers and therapists.  Eyes, "false grip", drop, shoulder stretches, relaxed quads, could be an article in itself.  This was a GOOD jerk session for me, better than the raw numbers indicate.  I should write this up.

I need 10rpm so bad.  I might actually be able to do 7' @8rpm, but it's not competitive.  At current pace -- 15rpm snatch and 8rpm jerk -- I'm looking at 7' each to make rank.  5' @10rpm would be a relief.

04/28 16kg biathlon, 1 set each
shldr rotation, hip stretches, TGU
- explore stacking for rest, even with low score.  Relax quads between reps.
J: 2x16/40/5'
-- Straight 8rpm.  Actually stopped with gas in the tank.
10' active recovery
SN: 16/43+44/5'
-- Started 19rpm, catch-up from there.  Never stacked and rested right at all.

My mistake.  Started snatches too fast, and never stacked up right.  Forearms pumped, lactate caught up with me.  Still a PR in both lifts, though not quite optimized.  Really sore afterward.

begin 4wk back-off period, off 'til next Tuesday.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Training Log 04/16-04/22

Met with Coach on Tuesday.  Finding benefit in heavy work.  Need to build up leg drive, especially on the right.  Time to gut it out, endure the pain.  "Welcome to the sport; do 5 minutes from now on."  Have some video, but it's boring.

04/16 Saturday 16kg Snatches
warmup, TGU, halos, OAJ
- 16kg SN, indoors, some chalked
Planned 4'@15rpm, 1' rest, repeat.  Did not get far.
18,12+18,12/3' - failure
10+10: 4 sets

Deadlift: 5 x120lb, 5 x140lb
Pistols: 2 x10
Cycling: 20', HR >145

Late start, fasted, fast start.  This did not work, overall.  Lost both grip and shoulders during snatches.  Even cycling hit "force of will" at only 6'.  Last 4' on the edge of cramps.  Sore 2hrs later.  Not a good session.

Pistols worked.  DL's worked, limited only by grip, not back.  18rpm screwed me, but it was a novel feeling.  Grip is developing into an actual, free release and a strong hook that I never managed with traditional bells.

04/17 Sunday 2x16kg Jerk
warmup, windmills, halos
- J intended for time, 1-2 sets
2'@10.  Rack failed.
2'@10, 2'r, 2'@6, 2'r, 4'@2 for rack work
- total = 34/10' split

15 Step-ups, 15 Dips, 5FSQ + 40JSQ: 2 sets each

Rack was infuriating.  Revisit this with Coach later in the week.

04/18 light 16kg work
OAJ alternating sets of 5: 2 x5
SN slow alternating sets of 5: 2 x5ea

Lunch hour: stretch legs, 5 pistols, stretch lats, 2 x3 pullups
PM: 16kg 2x5 OAJ, 4x5 SN
20kg 5 OAJ, 5 SN

Sleep and recovery... I wake up tired after training days, fresh after rest days.  Mental or psychological?  I handled some weight on an off day and felt good.  How would I manage redistributing this into a 5th session?

04/19 Shoulder and hip work, Coach at 5:30pm.

Drive jerks with the legs.  5-10 vertical jumps before jerks.  2x20kg showed I was strong-arming the launch.  Use volume 24kg OAJ as supplementary work. Get 16kg/5' at least once a week, period.  Hanes t-shirt, WET, worked better than anything else I train in.  Add a set of 20kg SN before 16kg training sets.  Go for 16kg/6' snatch soon.

Preparing a new program.  Possible 5 sessions/wk.  Some short heavy work, some long comp work.

04/20 worked overnight and half of morning.

16kg 5 SW, 5 CL, 5 OAJ ea
20kg 5 SW, 5 CL, 5 OAJ ea, x2 sets

Felt good.  Do often.

04/21 16kg biathlon sets
shoulder ext rot stretch, hips, 1 TGU, WET t-shirt
J: shoot for 35/5' - 36/5' (8,8,8,6,6)
15' active recovery
SN: shoot for 35/5' - 42+40/5'20" (15,17,12/17,15,8)

Finally made 5' jerk.  Chalked SN did not help, tore skin a little. Continue to improve the hook grip.

04/22 maintenance work

Begin a 5 session routine next week.  2 exercises a day, assistance work distributed through the week.  1 day each at comp weight, 1 day each heavy, 1 biathlon test weekly.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Training Log 04/11-04/15 - narrower KB jerk stance

04/11 calisthenics
Begin sets of Peterson step ups throughout the day. Response speed is visibly slower on the right leg.  Hip mobility work during lunch.

PM: foam roll, t-spine, 8+12kg rack 10' w step ups, 1x16kg 8' split set.

04/12 16kg Snatch
warmup, TGU, halos

1 set SN 16/4-5': 38+38/5' (big PR)

Pullups 2 sets of 5-8: 6 neutral grip, 5 overhand grip
DL 5ea 110#, 130#, 140#
Cycling 5.5mi/20', HR 140

2x16 Static hang: 2', 3'
2x16 Rack: 3', 3'

Held out until my grip was truly fried this morning.  Good session.  Previous 16kg snatch PR was 30+30/4'.  Possibly do some OA work on Wednesday. 

04/14 2x16kg Jerk
focus on hip-wide stance today
warmup, WM, OAJ, halos
J: 2'@8, 1'r, 2'@8, 3'r, 3'@8

OAJ: 3'@10
Step Ups, Dips 15x2
5FSQ+40JSQ x2
Stretch, including hip opener from

Good work today, and some GOOD diagnostics performed.  Slept well, warmed up and lifting by 6, first time in weeks.  Total was 2x16/56/7', all on video.  Work up to a total of 60/10' with timed rests, the whole program.  The rest of this is technical in nature from identifying and fixing some problems.

Got the narrow-stance idea from Ilya Tashlanov, IGSF world champion at 68kg.  He's teensy like me, and his stance is shaped like an "H".  (Does he even compete LC?)  Denisov and Rachinsky are much more A-shaped for LC, which fits the bells but isn't yet sustainable for me.  With the new stance, my launch looks more like Tashlanov or Rudnev now and feels good.  The rack carries are helping, and I'm fairly comfortable overhead when the launch is good.  If I can start breathing again overhead, I'm confident it will add a full minute.

Right leg is improving, on the whole, more than adequate today.  The hip opener is helping.  Left ankle's lack of flexion is rotating my knee out, spreading my stance.  (It was laterally sprained once, badly.)  This was a good discovery, one I wouldn't have made without the stance change.  It threw me completely off during jump squats!  Every bounce rotated a little further out.  Weightlifting shoes would relieve the limitation.  I may be able to fix this in therapy, but it's gonna hurt.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Training Log 04/09-04/10

04/09 Sat 12-16kg Snatch
warmup, 16kg TGU 2-3, halos
5-10 OAJ x2sets

- Snatch drop sets, as described in notes

16kg/2' + 12kg/2', each hand. See notes about weather.
16kg/(15+15) 12kg/10 L, 16kg/(15+15) 12kg/10 R

12kg/4'@15 x well chalked
16kg/ alt every 10 x3sets ea

- total 12kg/60ea, 16kg/40ea

3 sets Half PLUP: 6OH, 6Close UH, 6OH
3 sets HPistols: 5 +10lb, 8, 8
Cycling: 4mi/15', HR 140
Stretch well

Notes: I've been needing a way to  add volume and length to snatch sets.  An entry at Girevoy Sport After 40 caught my attention, so I tried it today.  It mimics the idea of drop sets.  To quote Ukranian coach Morov:

Left: 28 kg - 50 reps, put down, 24 kg - 30 reps, then 16 kg - 50 reps (130 reps total). Without rest repeat the same with the right arm.

Those weights are out of my range, but the idea is accessible.  I trained outside, and the weather was muggy.  The bells were moistening out of the air.  The finish on the 12kg was almost slimy.  This was a good idea, but poorly executed.  Still, I did train 200 reps of snatch today.  No video this time.

Pistols and pullups behaved remarkably well.  I'm only training those twice a week.  The R knee has been griping at me for 2 days.  I was impressed that it warmed up and did the job.  I stopped at 8R the second set because I felt the first twinge of discomfort, not because it failed.

04/10 Sun 2x16kg Jerk
warmup, windmills, OAJ, halos
- J: schedule 2'@10 + 30"rest, repeat

20/2', 13/1'15"
Step Ups, Dips: 15x2
5FSQ+40JSQ x2

The pace caught up with me, made me sloppy.  I need mechanical work.  My elbows don't plant anywhere.  Video shows that I'm not just aiming my left arm wide; I'm rotating to the right.  I think I might be missing some feedback from my right leg, as much as I hate to keep blaming that.

Seeing Coach 04/12 or 04/13.  May pre-empt my snatch day.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Training Log 04/05-04/07

Dealing with a crick in my neck, left side.  Has my shoulder a little tweaked, and the elbow's been clicking on terminal extension.  This happened to me a couple weeks ago.  Working a LOT on mobility therapy.

04/05 Tue 
Woke with 2-day crick in neck.  Midday calisthenics.
Modified sun salutes: pry-the-pump stretches, calf stretch, elbow extensions
Pistols 5 sets of 2
Pullups 3,4,5

Probably work my neck out one more night, train W and Th.

04/06 Wed 16kg Snatch
Warmup, stretch, 2-3 16kg TGU
(R callus is suspect. Be careful.)
4'@15 x1, L elbow and shoulder
2'@15 x1, 20/20 untimed x1

DB DL 10@100#, 10@120#
15' Cycling: HR 140, 3.8mi
Stretch, contrast shower, deep work on the neck/shoulder.

Left arm is definitely not 100%.

04/07 Thu 2x16kg Jerk
Warmup, stretch, 2 sets of 4 WM, 2 sets of 5 OAJ
J: 3'@8, 1' rest, 3'@8
3' slow: 2,3,3

- circuits
15ea P Step-Ups
15 Dips
5FSQ + 30JSQ
- 2 circuits done

1' OH walk, which felt remarkably good.

Stretch out well, contrast shower, some ice.

Felt better than I expected, honestly.  This felt safe while I was doing it.  I did not have 4' straight in me, so I did not push it.  Sore afterward, but not surprised.  I got the 3'/1'/3' set on video, but my camera angle clipped from the elbows up at the lockout.  The bells moved vertically, though my left arm feels like it rotates too much.  Meet with coach next week.  Video this weekend's Jerks, come Hell or high water.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Training Log 04/01-04/03

04/01 Lunch Hour Calisthenics

2 Sun salutations each side
3 Close pullups
3 Pistols below horizontal
- 3 circuits

My weight's down to 144lb today.  The last thing that actually "packed on slabs of muscle" was Convict Conditioning calisthenics.  I enjoyed them, and I've slacked on my commitment to pullups and pistols.

04/02 12-16kg Snatches
Warmup, stretch, 2-3 16kg TGU
- SN
12kg 4'@20 planned...
Did 6'@20! Video, 62+60 (huge PR)
16kg @18rpm, 1'30"L, 1'15" R callus stopped me (26+22)
3 sets Half Pullups: 8OH, 8UH, 8Close OH
1' OH walk
20' Cycling: cut to 12' by call from work

Note to self: why am I doing pullups on snatch days again with all the grip fatigue?  Cheated last 2 pullups, but finished 3 good sets.

12kg Snatch PR!  Well above rank requirement.  Felt good, even stopped with some reps in the tank. Lost a whole callus on R a week ago, so working today on new skin.  May schedule 1 long set SN and add SW for next couple sessions.

P.S.  I'm just aware of this.  At state last year, two guys above 85kg competed with 12kg bells.  The higher score of the two was 184, 80 of it snatch.  I stopped that 6' set when I was no longer confident I could keep up 20rpm for a full minute, not when I was out of reps.  I can clearly snatch 12kg competitively, especially at featherweight.  What limits my jerk is the pressure on my hands, not lift fatigue.  I don't even have a pair of 12s to train jerk with.  We'll have to see in June whether I compete 12kg or 16kg.

04/03 2x16kg Jerks
Warmup, stretch, WM, 5-10 OAJ
LC: 2'@10 x (felt really quick)
3'15" @8 (8,8,8,2)
4' (9,8,8,9, small PR)
Dbl walk and jerk 3'@2

OAJ 6'@8
15 Peterson Step-Ups x2sets
5FSQ + 40JSQ x2sets

Stretch, including quads and back.

First set of jerks felt awkward on hands.  I gave up at 3'15", rested, and finished 4' at above 8rpm for the first time.  The total 34 was a PR, +3 over previous best and 2 reps better in the 4th minute.  Finish strong.  Spent over 10' under two bells today and 6' under a single bell.  I'll need to add dbl carries during the week to work out the pressure I feel on my joints.  If this didn't hurt, I'd do it all day.  I made a whiteboard commitment at the office to make rank III by state (below).

My digital camera has failed to actually record videos -- when I pressed the button, heard a click, and even saw a red "Record" icon on screen -- three or four different outdoor sessions now.  Any time I'm not in the main gym with the wall clock, my iPhone has to do clock duty and this happens.  Need to video some jerks this week for coach.

Personal Records at this time and 66kg BW
Snatch: 16kg 5' (30+30), 12kg 6' (62+60)
Jerk: 2x16kg 4' (34), 2x12kg NA

2011 Georgia State Kettlebell Sport Championship

Saturday June 18, 2011

Events - biathlon, long cycle, strong sport biathlon, strong sport long cycle
*lifters may compete in 1 traditional event and/or 1 strong sport event

Rules and Rankings - World Kettlebell Club sanctioned

Entry fee: $50

Extreme Conditioning & Fitness / Atlanta Barbell & Kettlebell Club
2830 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.
Duluth, GA 30097

8am - weigh-ins
9am - rules
10am - competition begins

To register email Scott at: