Friday, February 5, 2016

Starter thread for 2016

Edited for some context, in case anyone saw this before Facebook.

Mid-December 2015, I came home from a business trip with symptoms typical of flu. January 2016, I contracted new symptoms typical of a sinus infection. My sleep was interrupted often, but my lifting was not hindered when I could rest. The problem was coughing for nearly four weeks. Mid-January, I discovered an inguinal hernia, confirmed by a doctor.

The earliest surgical referral available is February 16. I've had to cancel a business trip and scale back my exercise to bodyweight only. I've been looking for a plan/excuse to focus on upper body work for a while. Even that's limited by the lack of abdominal bracing. I don't mind sharing the recovery process, as it would be equally obvious to just stop talking about squats.

So this is where it gets funny. This overlaps with my company's annual wellness challenge, which is mostly about recording cardio and calories. I set a 10lb weight loss goal, and the little app set me a calorie estimate that's a meal and a half below my usual maintenance diet. Two rounds of antibiotics has stripped my gut, so I'm losing weight every hour (so to speak). I'm down 5lb in the last 10 days, still coughing, and ten days out from referral. I'll track my recovery here as it goes.