Thursday, January 14, 2016

Open season on 2016

Happy New Year, a few days late but nonetheless sincere. I came home from a December business trip with something akin to flu, then passed it around the house. My first symptom was I couldn't get out of bed. Seriously. I pulled myself up around 10:30 to message my boss (different timezone) that I couldn't work today, even from home. I spent about two days on the couch under the dog's blanket. For nearly a month, no matter how many hours I was down, I couldn't get up in the morning. I'm finally just getting over that.

I did post a set of 2015 resolutions on Facebook a year ago.

I don't usually bother with New Year's resolutions. But, if I were to make a list this year:

Gain 5lbs and make it stick
Finally take up drinking
Win-or-quit my sport
Start practicing guitar

I'm up 11 pounds and stable. I have actually grown tired of the extra eating, and staying above 160 instead of 159.2 has become really difficult. I'm muscular, no doubt, but I'm just a little fatter than I like.

I did not learn alcohol. Honestly, we don't get out as much as we used to, and the bartender-friend who lived next door has moved. There's a big difference between me learning to appreciate different drinks among knowledgeable friends and me drinking alone at home. It was neither convenient nor important. Maybe this year.

I quit kettlebell sport, and I feel better for it. I'm almost as strong as I was when I had been powerlifting in a barbell gym for 2 years. It bothers me that my maxes aren't higher, but that's not why I exercise. It can't be, for my health's sake. My shoulders are great, and I need a whole new closet of shirts.

I wish I practiced guitar more. It'd justify me buying more guitar gear.

Finally, I've grown a real interest in sport weightlifting, but I do not have the facilities or the budget for a membership and coach. So I'm doing weightlifter's GPP: front and back squats, power cleans and barbell rows, handstands and dips. My shoulders have never been better. I'm a little heavy, and I haven't run well since I got sick, but I can run. I'll let some weight drop off in February and see how it feels. It may even help my sleep.

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