Monday, July 6, 2015

Chronic vs Acute

I have always had a range of motion issue in my left shoulder. I've observed it since my teen years, so it's not related to kettlebell sport or bench press or old age or any cause that would be called clinically acute. I move better than I did 10 years ago, even 2 years ago, though with a little soreness. It would be a mistake to point at my movement and say "Ah-hah! All that (whatever) you do is bad for you". There's already enough of that in the world from people up on their motorized cardio pedestals.

On March 23, I developed a soreness that wouldn't go away during a pressing movement. This was following a published program, with sets of 20 at the previous step and sets of 3 at this step. It really shouldn't have been a problem. It recurred a few days later, and it reappeared after a month of therapy without pain. This is an acute clinical problem, at which you may now point.

So, the chronic problem seems to be arthrosis. The shoulder is an imprecise assembly from person to person, even from limb to limb, and I reinforced my issue with years of right-handed tennis. Some athletic disciplines retract the shoulder down when lifting, "packing" the joint for stability. Others actively shrug for stability. Packing my shoulder down gives me a very stable handstand-touchdown position, but it aches. I can do it sitting at this very keyboard: up, down (ouch), up, down (ouch). It's something I'll have to live with.

My acute condition is a partial tear of some cartilage and a muscle over the front of the joint. The cartilage is not bad enough for surgery, but the muscle has been sore for months. I got platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments today, which should promote healing in the muscle tear. I am extraordinarily sore, and I want cinnamon rolls. I've read that the soreness will come and go for a month or more. The cinnamon rolls are not conclusively documented.

Furthermore, I am off pressing, pushups, KB jerks, and KB snatches for 4-6 weeks. I may as well write off the two KB meets in my area this Autumn, as I'll only have a few weeks to train from scratch. I am cleared to squat, row, crunch, curl, probably deadlift, most anything I want to do except push and press overhead. I was enjoying training KB biathlon again, but the market is primed for meat futures. See you this Halloween; I'll be the one making Aquaman look good.

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