Monday, March 2, 2015

Playing the long game

This season's training has been part of a long game. I focused on one-armed KB work, abs and back, and running for 8 weeks. My tolerance of the 24kg bell on my joints is much better now than a month ago, and I completed my first full set of 24kg OALC (30/30/10'). Whether I compete in May is no longer really a priority, but it does remain on the list of happy coincidences if things play out right.

I resolved this New Year's to put on 5 pounds of lean body mass. This is a standing order in the background of my training, at my age, with the issues I invested these 8 weeks into. Too many seniors break bones in simple falls or wither away during a routine illness. I lost 15lbs in a 5-day hospital stay once, in the so-called prime of my life. Ironically, my company has an annual Wellness Challenge every February, in which I set a goal to cut 9 pounds to a ripped-for-me 145. I reached a stable 148.5, plus or minus the morning paper. I'm content with the result, and this was lean enough to rebound.

In Mass Made Simple by Dan John, Dan recommends leading into a bulking cycle by getting really, really lean first; I've done that. I'm adapting the programming for the progressive calisthenics and KB sizes I have on hand. I'll won't match 1.25BW in the squats, but I can complete the complexes and squats under loads heavier than my competition KBs. (Double-KB squats are their own peculiar core challenge, so I'm counting them.) I'm actually excited.

April 15: 165lb, then a leaner 160 with double-24kg overhead press and high-rep squats.

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