Saturday, January 17, 2015

2015/01 notes on GPP

Good 3mi run today, plenty of calisthenics, and some club work. Three good KB sessions this week, heavy one-armed drills and 7-8' sets with lighter bells. I almost skipped Monday, but I couldn't have justified Brisket Day at the BBQ place if I hadn't worked out. Worth it.

This cycle has been a welcome change. I'm believing in basic GPP checkpoints more and more as time goes on. Numbers like fifty unladen squats (rock-bottom, not almost parallel), twenty pushups or inclined rows, a 3mi run; none of these are remarkable, but they highlight this notion that we are first and foremost athletes.

I find that my level of comfort and health follows my general physical prep. Every time I take a month to peak for a KB meet, everything gets a little sore. Suddenly I can barely do 10 pushups or a pullup. There's no reason for me to waste myself more than a couple weeks anymore, not at my level of competitiveness.

It's caught my attention in some online clips of Russian group KB training that their warmup looks like my High School P.E. class warmup from 30 years ago. Where generations of athletes have trained under scientific scrutiny for the glory of the Motherland, they still warm up with joint circles and pushups and running laps, along with their sport work. Granted, these clips were group training for a younger crowd, but most of us are better suited to beginners training than to the daily routines of world champions in their prime. We just don't like to admit it. I'm neither a champion nor in my prime, but I'm pushing a PR pace at the 9' mark with lighter bells right now. And, I'm not in pain.

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