Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 New Year's notes

I don't usually bother with New Year's resolutions. But, if I were to make a list this year:

Gain 5lbs and make it stick
Finally take up drinking
Win-or-quit my sport
Start practicing guitar
That got a lot of clicks on Facebook, but I did say last Autumn that I was no longer going to travel and spend money to lift 20kg bells, alone in my weight class, for a participation certificate. I skipped two meets last year, one of them in easy driving distance. With the West Coast Classic on the horizon in just 5 wks, the green bells are killing me, so I'm not going. And, I'm okay with that.

We use words like periodization and cycles (micro- and meso- as well) a lot in our short-term planning, but not so much in our long-term. I can do 6-wk cycles in a powerlifting program for years on end and not feel any of the grief I feel when a continuous 3-mo ramp-up to a KB competition doesn't get me a win. And, that's a bad perspective. I set PRs on the platform in February, May, and October of 2014, one of them with 24kg bells. There is nothing wrong with that. That these last 10 weeks did not get me to another PR is not a failure. It just indicates that this cycle is over and I need to start another one.

This is an off-season, time to get stronger and get some coaching and aim for the ATC Throwdown in May. The first priority has to be health, and my current state of boo-boo indicates that this cycle is over. I've got some technique work and some body work and a lot of running on the horizon, and I do enjoy all those things. I wish a healthy and happy New Year to everyone, and best of luck to all my friends lifting at WCC next month. I'll see you in May, at a ripped 149lbs and a new PR, if all goes well.

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