Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Reps, racks, and runs

We've just passed three weeks out from the meet at Pride Conditioning. Last week, I was below my target weight and working on conditioning. This is a sample of training from last week.

BW 66.5kg (68kg class)
3-5min sets of 20kg Long Cycle
50rep sets of 16kg skills work
One-armed 24kg work and regular physical therapy
Running Couch to 5k program, wk 5, 2.5mi/30min in intervals

Sometime late in the week, the loose disc in my lower back moved. I've had radiating pains around belt-level since the weekend. There's been no lifting, no running since Saturday, and no unbroken sleep this week. I'm going to try lifting short intervals tomorrow, followed by a run. I would like to say I'm predicting so many reps at the meets in Charlotte and Georgia, but that would be premature. What I'm planning right now is a recovery and a respectable performance.

Edit: I had a sketchy night's sleep, but I lifted Black Jerk pyramid sets from 16kg up to 24kg and had a 2.4mi/20' run. My back is coming along.

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