Sunday, October 26, 2014

2014 Great Bells of Fire meet results

The 2014 Great Bells of Fire meet at Pride Conditioning was a rousing success. Douglas and Lindsay Seamans do know how to throw a party. Congrats on the new-fangled accommodations; your hard work was much appreciated. Yuri and Alex ran a tight schedule throughout the day, and it would be rude of me not to thank them for organizing and conducting the event so efficiently.

This was my set, scoring 62 reps over the full 10 minutes. That was an overall PR for me and a comp PR by 8 reps. It was great to see so many of my fellow NC lifters in action. The other two gentlemen lifting 20kg Long Cycle each finished 10:00 for their first or second time and (IIRC) scored PRs.

This concludes my 2014 competition season. I wish my comrades all the best at the Georgia Open next month, but I can't bring myself to make this one. This trip's not particularly costly, but I just have nothing left to prove with 20kg that deserves the cost of travel anymore. It's time for me either to focus on 24kg or to treat this as a social hobby. I am phenomenally lucky to have a company in the SF Bay that flies me out every February for a week, coinciding with the West Coast Classic, and they let me schedule my visits around it. Monday morning, I start training to lift 24kg at the Chamber. Happy Holidays, and good luck.

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