Saturday, September 20, 2014

New 20kg PR: 60/10'

I have been working toward a 20kg Long Cycle test, with a goal of 60 reps in mind. That would be a +6 PR with a drop in weight class. The planning included a little 24kg work, a lot of 20kg sets, and a lot of running and mobility work. I was coached to make a change in technique over the summer, phasing out side-racking and resting in general due to my higher pace. I haven't yet seen how this will translate into 24kg work, but I'm excited about the prospect.

It's interesting to me that I'm cleaning high and noisy like I used to. It was effortless and unintentional. My backswing floated to a stop, and the bells naturally came in high. I actually breathe better with a higher rack, but the 24s will beat me to death coming in this way. I have some work to do. At least I can say I didn't rest in a side rack, and I got my legs into the launch around minute 8.

Below is a video from June of this year, lifting twelves in front of a coach. I intentionally dipped a little slow because I have a tendency to twitch off my toes. But the cleans... the cleans were so quiet. I need to get back to this work. This will be my 16kg work for the next month. I will be lifting at the North Carolina Kettlebell Rx next month. I've not yet determined which bell, but probably 20kg.

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