Thursday, September 18, 2014

Making use of the time

About 6wks out from the October 25 North Carolina Kettlebell Rx Weekend, I decided to take a little bump of strength training. I may not be able to compete with 24kg yet, but I can incorporate them for adaptation purposes. The jerks are passable, but the heavier cleans cracked a couple of my calluses, so I've had to grow some skin and manage my activities. This was a sample from today.

Warmup: Indian clubs, rope jumping, elbow and shoulder mobility
one-arm 16kg drills, a few reps double 16kg long cycle
double 24kg Jerk 5x5/1'rest
double 20kg Long Cycle 24/4'
24kg swings 3x50, switching hands every 5 reps
Ab work, squats, and physical therapy

That is a lot of "things" for my taste and available time, but it's a good 2-week bump to preserve strength and muscle. So I'm lifting 3/wk and running 2/wk, both lifting and running on Saturday mornings a couple times. That sounded brutal in my head at first, but it works out better than I ever expected.

P.S. This has been a good training season. Ten months ago, I followed a program to raise my weight from 152 to 164 for strength purposes. Half that fell off when I ended the actual program. I made a recent low-carb/high-fat change that stripped me down to 147, the lightest I've been in 3 years. My old clothes are tighter here and looser there. I press heavier. My 16kg and 20kg scores are up. And, I'm running now. Regardless whether I compete again, whether I lift 24kg or make rank, it's been a successful training season by every measure.

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