Friday, August 15, 2014

The Hardest Thing

The hardest thing about pushing 45 in a few days is that I don't heal and rest like I used to. My training is going pretty well, by most measures. I'm even dieting, 2 weeks in keto now and visibly leaner. But my dial is simply out of spare numbers. I don't sleep regularly enough to even just swing clubs and run a mile on my "off" mornings. I actually miss running. That was a hard-fought victory, years of work, lost to a stupid bruise.

There are two principles I've been unable to get away from over these years. First, I do really well training 4 days a week. Any more scheduled 6am work, regardless how trivial, tends to cost me elsewhere. I managed 5 days for a period of about a month, and it ran me ragged.

Second, something Dan John writes about athletes for whom training is supplementary to a sport: train strength in the gym, train conditioning in the sport. I do really well doing strength and mobility twice a week and KB sport twice a week. It's not ideal competition prep, but it keeps me healthy.

I finished two good sets of Long Cycle today without tearing anything, followed by presses and squats and swings. It felt "right", the right mix of technique and strength and a good pump at the end. It wasn't an hour of dedicated sport work, but it also wasn't bleeding all over the platform. It was more like the Phase 1 GPP of most any KB sport training program, but Phase 1 suits me well. Especially in recovery - from injury, from sleep deprivation, from mental strain - GPP is for the athlete instead of the sport. It lets me sleep at night and get up from a chair without going "uhhhnnn". There must be an acceptance for Quadrant II performance and Phase 1 training.

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