Thursday, August 21, 2014

Targeted Keto Diet experiment

My menu is pretty clean and "whole-food", and my weight is not a problem. When I diet, it's for either adding lean mass or cutting to a weight class. I added 14lb over the winter, and as an experiment in getting lean, I started a ketogenic diet this month. In ketosis since Aug 07, I'm 6lbs lighter and down 1in off my belt.

Ketotic metabolism tends to benefit endurance work more than high-intensity work. Runners may train well in keto but need sugar gels during a long race for steep terrain. (see this blog) There are even subgroups of the keto community dedicated to the challenge of building strength and mass on either the Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD) or the Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD).

I had strength work scheduled yesterday, so I had a banana (27g carbs) and some caffeine before the 6am workout. A protein shake (10g carbs) and some almond bread (~20g carbs, 4x that in fats) for breakfast, and I was testing trace ketones at 10am, 0-5mg/dL. I ate carb-free the rest of the day
and tested 40mg/dL after dinner, a successful recovery.

The TKD plan generally carb-loads 5-6 hours before strength work, easy for 5pm at Planet Fitness like the rest of the world. My 30min lead time is a bare minimum, so I will experiment with a bedtime snack a couple nights a week. I may be able to tune this to wake up in trace keto, full of glycogen and water, and burn it off by 10:00. That would be awesome.

P.S. CKD works well for weight lifters in need of blood sugar control or fat reduction. 5 days in keto, ending with a depletion workout, and 1-2 days hi-carb/low-fat for glycogen recovery. I love the idea as a long-term meal plan, but that's not exactly my training focus. I would be better served by the ability to strip and reload glycogen and get back into aerobic keto on demand, like between weigh-in and flight at a weekend meet. I will have to test my 10' scores a few times with and without a carb load the night before. I'm not sure whether just remaining in keto would be better.

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