Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer Milestones

This summer has been a reboot of sorts. In broad terms, I've been trying to add time and volume to all aspects of my training before intensity. I haven't lifted the 24s yet, but I have met a few milestones.

I walked and briefly jogged 45min yesterda, trying to commit to walking and Indian clubs on my off days for recovery. I'm reading a lot of reasons for long, aerobic training that sit lower in the foundation than raw performance, most prominently to promote actual recovery. The hard part is resisting the urge to push and cause more stuff to recover from.
My kettlebell clean and jerk technique was modified in late Spring, with new contact points on my hands. I am dealing with blisters where I've never had years of calluses before, but I've met a few of my scheduled goals along the way.
  • MSIC score with 2x16kg (before this change, but again since)
  • 1,000 reps with 2x16kg to ingrain the new technique
  • raised my 2x16kg PR by 6 reps (10%)
So, my lightweight numbers have gone up significantly. I've just resumed 2x20kg training, and I'm 1-2rpm faster than before in 2-3min intervals. I'm cutting the fat I put on over years of strength focus; hello, keto. My 20kg PR is only 3 reps below the MSIC score in the next lower weight class, should I cut a few pounds. I may reach that by month's end, and that number on my wall would be a sight for sore eyes.

P.S. There's an interesting dilemma about KB training and running. People who follow tradition and lift in the sport style do it alongside running for recovery and for cardio development. People who follow the more recent fitness styles often use KBs instead of running, calling running dangerous and decrying "the dishonor of cardio" in all its forms. It intrigues me that a self-professed hardcore, pseudo-military school of training would disavow running with such passion when the actual military does not.

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