Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Reboot

When I was last here, I was nursing a bruised heel and doing bodyweight work and heavy kettlebell swings. I took advantage of a promotion running at Ice Chamber Athletic Performance to meet with Steven Khuong. He was generous with his time, and our nearly identical dimensions gave him some insight into my technique that I wasn't expecting.

These were just 12kg bells, but I hadn't lifted long cycle in 3 weeks. This was smoother and quieter into the rack. This technique will require some acclimation before it becomes intuitive, so I'm doing hundreds of reps with 16kg before moving on. The roll around the wrists is almost too snug for any kind of wraps or guards. The points of contact on my hands are new, so I'm growing all new calluses.

This is obviously the reboot I've been hinting at for some time now. With a few weeks off from lifting, then a few weeks off from running, I don't have the capacity I once did. My foot's not healed enough to resume running, and I'm not sleeping. At this point, on the record, I'm not entirely sure I'll be competing this Autumn.

What I am sure of is that I'm doing more work outside the saggital plane, more work on my abdomen, and more work on basic KB skills. If I could stomach the notion of doing this for another 6 months, it might pay off in 2015. I never thought I would lose this much of a year to a running injury. I'll update this again when something changes.