Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Reflections on competition: pt 3

The 2014 ATC Throwdown is in the books. Scores here, Facebook thread here. This is the last of a short series of impressions after the event

Preparation and Post-partum

My prep for this meet was different than usual. At 4wks out, I cut out the smaller bells. At 2wks out, I cut out everything but sport lifts and swings and running. Less volume than the usual peaking cycle, but it worked. I felt the need to reacclimate to just 24kg. It had this "opposite" feel to it, like I was supposed to cut out strength training and reduce running in the final days but did vice versa.

I had an ironic minor injury two weeks before meet day -- stepped on a rock while running -- that kept me from doing jerks or any roadwork for the last few days. I scored a PR by 1 rep 5 days out, then pretty much did physical therapy until meet day. I could actually run without impairment, then be sore later. Some 17 days later, I am still sore every time I walk.

I did not see this coming, but I was dead to the world last week. I had carried some personal stresses since before the meet. I did not sleep through the night or have even one workout until the following weekend. I'm genuinely pondering whether getting any better will involve starting over from scratch at 44 years of age with a coach on retainer, and some days I'd just rather do Tai Chi in the park with the other seniors. I need a break. I need to clear my head, and having no local competitions until October allows me the time to regroup and do that.

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