Friday, May 30, 2014

Of all the people I know

I know kind of a lot of kettlebell lifters. I don't know everybody, but I know a lot of people. I know a few people who cross football conferences multiple times a year to compete, and I know whole gyms full of people that will cross a state line in team t-shirts and track suits. The regional camaraderie of this sport is one of its best attributes.

There are many of us who lift sort of "in our class", season after season, but we love the competition. There's another small subset of lifters who climb through new bells every so many months, like they're destined for some rank and haven't gotten there yet. Rookies do that, but rookies are not who I'm talking about. I'm talking about newly-minted Rank 1 and CMS lifters. Out of those people I know, specifically, I've seen a few patterns.
  • Nearly all of them are fitness professionals. The only non-fitness male I can think of is in his twenties with what Dan John calls a "QII collision occupation".
  • Most lifters climbing the ranks are women. There are many more women than men in this sport in the US, so it may be an effect of higher volume and not higher percentage.
  • The modal distribution of them are in their twenties. Only one or two 2013 CMS and a few Rk I that I can think of were older than me, and they were women.
  • Only two of these rising candidates that I personally know lift alone at home, and one of them is a fitness professional.
If I had better data, this would make for an interesting little study. With what I have, it just reinforces the need for a high level of baseline athleticism and rigorous training. In previous meets, I've eventually failed due to either cardio or grip. This Spring, it was my knee, which has good reason to lag behind. That's a good sign, but it highlights that I'm nearly out of easy improvements. Soon I'll have to train better.

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