Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I had energy and a beautiful day Saturday, so I lifted 16kg bells for a 10min set in the sun before my scheduled run. The bells were easy enough. The run was challenging, with the heat and prior fatigue, but not unmanageable. Aside from those elements, I made two little mistakes that may have cost me.

I changed shoes, but not socks. I usually run in a dry-wicking material, not the cotton tube socks that fit my lifting shoes. I blistered and tore one foot. I've been treating it aggressively, and I've actually had another run since then that was not really hindered because of where I land. It's just a nuisance.

I also absent-mindedly stepped on a rock with the other foot, right at the back of my arch. The heel is sore to the touch, and the plantar fascia is swollen and red to my forefoot. I run on my midfoot, which is actually not really impaired. It's just walking, standing, jumping, KB jerks, everything else that hurts like I'm being beaten on the sole of my foot.

So I can't really lift, 12 days out from a hometown meet. I'll look into some gel heel cups and continue treating the site. I can run and can keep my strength up, but this is frustrating and not the first time I've had to peak for a meet with something injured.

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