Tuesday, April 22, 2014

To Sleep, To Dream

There's much written in the sporting world about poor sleep and overtraining and the injuries they lead to. People commonly measure their recuperated status with tests of pulse variability or finger-tapping reflexes or visual acuity. I have a tech career with on-call days, so I'm acclimated to waking to immediate mental demands. I'm generally clear the moment my alarm sounds and occasionally awake before it. But if I am cloudy and unfocused when I wake, then I will decline to lift heavy, quickly, or overhead that day. I have never had a fatigue/overtraining related sports injury, but I have learned to adapt to my sleep patterns. Maybe those are related points.

I spent 6 weeks training 5 days per week this quarter, more frequently than usual and something I historically only maintain for about a month. As recorded in my notes from weeks 4, 5, and 6, I missed one kettlebell day each week due to broken sleep. I was aware of 1 or 2, but not 3. My scores flattened off 2 weeks ago. Life happens, and life comes before trophies and numbers valued mostly by other people with numbers of their own. Exercise is health; sport is entertainment, and entertainment should never supersede one's health or peace of mind.

I ran well yesterday, and my ankle's fine. I lifted well this morning and stopped when I felt myself forcing it. It was shorter in volume and sorted toward heavy bells, plus some basic strength work and PT afterward. I'm already about 2 hours in sleep debt this week, but I have tomorrow off from lifting. Maybe I'll make time for pain, gain, and insanity when the summer rolls around.

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