Wednesday, April 30, 2014

One month out

One month out from the ACT Throwdown III, I'm making some peaking cycle tweaks to my training. I did experience a typical slump in top-end strength over the last 6 weeks, but my general endurance and middleweight bell work remains good. I'm expecting 5-7min, so I'm training toward that range from here out.
  • Running 3/wk, working toward a 30 minute 5K.
  • Lifting 2/wk: Long Cycle mostly with 24kg, squats, complexes, and swings.
  • Bodyweight exercises, including lateral movements and rotation.
  • Physical therapy: overhead mobility, spine mobility, and leg maintenance.
Running is becoming progressively more comfortable for me. I've got one ankle that gets tweaked if my alignment is off, but it hasn't bothered me in several sessions. The struggle after the first few minutes is more mental than respiratory or orthopedic, which shows improvement.

I'm also finding that  I'm capable of a faster pace with 24s that gets me winded sooner but is less stressful for my back. I'm hoping the assistance work will reinforce my rack and improve my recovery to make the jump up. I may be able to split the rack time before and after the clean, too. When you're a complete novice, it's never to late to improve on technique.

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