Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winter weather and purple bells

Sunday, I felt itchy for a run. Didn't need to run, not even in my program right now. Just felt like a run. So I did run/walk intervals for 2 miles in the 40F weather. Calves are tight, but my once-torn calf is functional and safe again. Also doing leg-injury rehab on both barbell days. It leaves my legs pretty fried, but they are recovering stronger and quicker each week.

Monday, I completed 26/5:00 with double 20kg bells, plus a couple minutes of a second set. My hands were sore, so I cut the second set short in favor of some maintenance work. It's something in my rack, relieved when I hold the handles more parallel than usual. May require a technique change, but it's not my legs and not my overhead, which is a big deal.

Tuesday was Bench Day, 8F and windy. Never liked bench, but the combination of work I'm doing around it is keeping me strong. During season, I always quit training bench. Then my shoulders get sore, and my press gets weak. I have resolved to maintain my 2x24kg press throughout this season.

I'm approaching a training regimen that actually keeps me healthy, even if it's not traditional Russian champion training. I'm maintaining some muscle and at the top of my weight class now. I've crossed a couple of long-time goals off my list. Even if I have to compete 20kg bells in February, I'm on a path to get over the hump with 24kg this year in a way that could last.

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