Friday, January 3, 2014

Slowly we turned, step by step

I began training Long Cycle again 2 weeks ago with a guideline in mind: reach rank (50reps/10:00) with the lighter bells before moving up. I knew that I had no cardio and thin calluses. I also saw that AKA/IUKL are now competing 20kg bells, so I can do that in February if I have to. So far, it's progressed like this.

2x16kg: 2x5:00 sets, 6:00 + 4:00, then 50/9:00 without a clock to watch. Move on.

2x20kg: 25/5:00, followed by 2x16kg:30/5:00. There was a small loose spot on my palm, so I need to be careful. Test 20kg in a couple more sessions.

Swinging 24kg for sets of 25. Training upper body for long sets and squats for strength. Squatted 185lb today for sets of 5 outside the rack, just free on the platform like some rogue Oly lifter. Felt good, felt right.

I'm working a mix of therapy and body building and correctives that feels like it's been missing for a long time. I have observed in the past that I have about 3 weeks of training without any correctives or therapy before I start to hurt. That style of peaking cycle and recovery cycle won't work with the new AKA US schedule. I have 3 meets in the Spring and probably 3 in the Fall. Let's try staying healthy.

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