Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Compulsive coin-flipping

I knew what I was doing. I spent 2 months getting stronger but not working conditioning, kettlebell calluses, or kettlebell technique. I knew my conditioning would be off, but I hit the top of my weight class and pressed 2x24kg twice and squatted 185lb for tens. It was worth it. I also suffered a minor injury that took me out of jerk and running entirely. So, I've had to make a tough choice between the lesser of two disappointments here.

I'll be lifting 20s instead of 24s this February. I'm healing from a calf tear, and I've banged a knee up this weekend. I'm making solid reps with 24kg, but I'm nowhere near 10 minutes or rank. It seems more meaningful to earn that "2" pin than to get 5 minutes and a small PR this time. I wouldn't have made that call a few months ago, and I will try my hardest to lift 24kg at Punch in April.

2014 IUKL/AKA West Coast Classic Kettlebell Championship

I am really excited to see Team Kettleguard in their home gym in a couple weeks. The West Coast Classic was a great show last year and promises nothing less this year. I only wish I was better prepared, but February is never my peak season for kettlebells.

On a personal note, the calf is completely healed, and training is progressing well. I'm doing calf raises and Peterson step-ups at a 2:1 ratio on the right leg. I'm doing heavy swings, and my hands have only one tiny loose spot of skin. I'm even doing a little ab work and some running. My weak link with the bells is the pressure on my wrists, not my launch or my lockout. I'm inclined to believe that, at this level of strength, improved conditioning will benefit my 24kg as quickly as my 20kg. I'm really itching to lift 24kg the rest of this year.

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