Thursday, January 30, 2014

1 wk out

I would love to say I'm ready to thrill and amaze, but I'm not. Truth be told, I took a few steps back this Autumn to retool and restart. I've only lifted bells 11 sessions now, compared to so many of my peers who've lifted 40 or 50 times since our last competition. My conditioning's a little off, but here's where I do stand.

My overhead is strong and more symmetrical, more of a hammer-grip alignment overhead. My first dip is deeper and quicker than before, a significant improvement given my legs. I'm breathing more through my nose, more relaxed, even when I'm running.

I'm still struggling in the rack. I think the new posture in my arms has my hands dorsiflexed differently and feeling sore under 20kg. This doesn't limit me with 16kg, so I have to get it resolved before I can lift 24kg. The discomfort is affecting my breathing and my state of mind. To quote an American MS, Catherine Imes, it's one part optimizing my technique and one part "getting comfortable with discomfort".

Really looking forward to the West Coast Classic. I wish I could say I was better prepared for it, but I do believe I'm better prepared for the rest of the season. See you on the platform, and again at the Punch KB Sport Championship in April.

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