Wednesday, December 18, 2013

MMS: The Final Countdown

The training journal that comes with Mass Made Simple advises at the end of week 5 to refocus and cover any neglected areas to finish strong. I did everything but that. I had a friend in the hospital and several nights sleep interrupted. The stress actually cost me a settled stomach, a few pounds off my frame, and a few reps off my training totals. I've managed to maintain 185lb back squats for 15 reps and 135lb back squats for 25 reps, but nowhere close to 50 straight. This was the first long set of Day 13, 135lb for 25 reps at 161lb BW, set to some YouTube stock music for your enjoyment.

Oh, and YouTube, thank you very much for protecting us all from the sounds of life going on around us. Now all my gym videos have to be mute-edited at home between camera and upload or be overdubbed with YouTube stock tracks. Heaven forbid my gym should play classic rock radio, and thank you for extorting me over a few cents royalties instead of allowing these oldies the exposure that may actually sell an album to a reader. I'm sure the artists' grandchildren will appreciate your vigilence.

My calf strain is much improved. I can run a little and cut laterally, and I'm giving the dog fits. I'm comfortable resuming KB sport training, at least with medium weights.

My left shoulder press mechanics have improved, tracking the frame of my body instead of flaring out and rotating over my head. Maintain the press work.

I posed an unofficial stretch goal to press double 24kg before resuming 24k long cycle. Not sure whether I'll make that a hard requirement, but I will be starting with 16kg long cycle again next week. Build strength in the gym; build conditioning in the sport. I keep quoting that, but I haven't done it yet.

The plan, starting next week, is to train strength and muscle building (muscle retention at my age) twice a week and LC twice a week. There must be a press day and a squat day, something like a 5-3-1 BBB rotation plus heavy KB swings. With the bells, get 16kg to 10:00, then get 20kg to 10:00. AKA reintroduced 20kg ranks, so I'm willing to lift 20kg at West Coast Classic if that's where I am. The heavier bells would rip my hands right now, so build calluses and conditioning and the new elbows-in technique with lighter weights first.

In most meets, I could show up and "win 1st place" in my weight class. I could do that, but I'll never get better. Taking six weeks to rehab my calf was a necessity. Using it to improve my shoulder and reinforce my squat was a golden opportunity.

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