Sunday, November 10, 2013

The 2014 US Competition Schedule

Kettlebell sport has been sparse in the US these last few years, but 2014 promises to change that. The American Kettlebell Alliance (AKA), the US affiliate of the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL), has taken root in a very American way. There are already some 17 AKA meets in the US and Canada, with a few more on the way. These are just the ones I'm personally considering.
  • Feb 08 - IUKL West Coast Classic KB Championships, Richmond, CA
  • April 05 - Punch KB Sport Championship, Sarasota, FL
  • May 17 - ATC ThrowDown III, Charlotte, NC
  • Aug 23 - AKA/IUKL USA Nationals, Brooklyn, NY (maybe)
  • Sep 19 - IUKL World Cup at Mr Olympia, Las Vegas, NV (maybe)
  • Oct 25 - AKA/IUKL NC KB Weekend RX, Charlotte, NC
  • Nov 15 - AKA/IUKL Georgia Open, Atlanta, GA
If, per chance, I don't go for the gold this year... if I finish May and don't feel that USA Nationals or World Cup are reasonable for me, then I have a gap from May to October. Personally, my health benefits from seasonal gaps in my sport training where I am free to do something else. I know exactly what I'd do with five months between meets.

Personally and specifically...

I recently bought the e-book that I've been reading samples of for years, Dan John's "Mass Made Simple". As many times as I have said I was taking a block of time to get bigger and stronger, I have never dedicated a season to address this priority first, in isolation, until it was improved. I've always scheduled around a KB meet deadline. I have always made do with the lighter bells, with the minimum rank score, with my physical limitations. It's no longer enough, not in this league, not at this level.

To be frank, I am barely any stronger now than two years ago, and only +7lbs from what was then called "skinny". I've always subconsciously watched my weight (class) and trained sport in the background, and my numbers haven't moved significantly in any lift in my arsenal in 18 months. I've mumbled that I would benefit from six months off competition to fix my body first, but I've never done it.

This weekend I strained/partially tore a calf muscle while horsing around with my dog. My first aid was good, and the site was stable and fairly painless 24hrs later. But, I can't launch off my forefoot. I can squat, stand, even climb stairs, but I can't jerk, jump, or run. Now then, what am I to do to promote muscle healing and stay active when I can't train sport? I wonder.

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