Saturday, October 12, 2013

Winter is coming

As winter approaches, I'm working to change a seasonal pattern of mine. I usually train barbells in the winter and kettlebells and running in the summer, but there were meets held by three separate organizations in the US on Feb 09 this year. I was barely ready by March. So, I got a space heater for my shed (working name "Pood Pod"), and I'm planning to lift outdoors this autumn down to around 50F. So after a short offseason of this...

my Dec 2014 should look like this...

I love this, by the way. I love everything about it. I wish I was pretty enough to be included, but that is a blog for another day. This sport is, frankly, a brutal activity in and of itself. It is meditative, it is therapeutic, but it is brutal. Nobody should put up with the calluses and blisters, the cramps, the chalk, all this for a health benefit we could probably get from trail running with a pack. But we do. It's a unique mix of iron and power and stamina, not quite like anything else.

 Meanwhile in Russia,

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