Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Trade it all for a good night's sleep

Today, I missed Squat Day. It's the first Tuesday I haven't gone in to squat in longer than I can remember. I knew something was wrong when I missed Squat Day.

For years now, I have been able to train 4 days per week. This season, I trained a 21-straight-day squat cycle, with good results, in an effort to recalibrate my recovery capacity for 5 days per week. I usually get 5 days, but not always 5 consecutive days. Now, I'm struggling with even that.

The causes have varied. I have a damaged right MCL, and the knee's been sore and loose. My hips have been tight, almost chronically so. Those are nothing new, though. I have lost sleep. I'm waking sporadically during the night, sometimes losing an hour or two of rest. I have a hard line on sleep: I do not lift heavy or lift overhead if my mind is cloudy when I wake up. It's a symptom of other issues.

So, I'm struggling a little to get calibrated this season. I'm 6wks in since the 21-day Squat Challenge. My 2-min work looks good, and my lightweight 5min work looks good. My calluses and grip have benefited from regular heavy swings, and I'm beginning to pry open my overhead position with some therapy work. If I could just get some rest.

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