Friday, September 20, 2013

Skills and Maintenance

I have about 5 months before my next meet. That's easily 3 months of GPP and skills work before I have to start focusing on competition. The first thing I noticed when I resumed training kettlebells was that my grip endurance and skin durability had already degraded. The second thing was the extended load-bearing in the rack. General barbell training does not prepare you for this specific sort of discomfort.

My list of priorities is basic: speed, mobility, armoring my hands, basic kettlebell movements in volume. I've had good results training cleans and jerks separately before; it prevents overall systemic failure from stopping you before skill-specific failure would. And, I've realized in previous posts that my legs are strong but slow, too slow to advance in this sport or to be generally athletic.

M - KB jerks, swings, presses/pushups, upper back therapy
Tu - Superset fast squats and box jumps, volume cable rows, leg therapy
W - KB cleans, swings, presses/pushups, upper back therapy
Th - Superset fast dead lifts and sprints, volume cable rows, leg therapy
F - KB jerks, swings, presses/pushups, upper back therapy
Sa and Su off
Daily Indian clubs, frequent foam rolling

The sets and reps are extremely free-form on the kettlebell work, stopping before failure and before tearing my hands. The barbell work is 5x5 with the speed work 2-3 reps after each set. This is my last two days as a sample.

Th DL: 5x5@50-80%, box jumps or sprints, rows
-DL warmup, test x5, alt short sprints
135,155,155,175,175 x
Cable rows: @100#, 10,15,15,10
Stretch, notes: a few SLDL and step-ups. Right hip is shakier than left; probably needs therapy each session to keep up. Upper back icky late afternoons this week; add prone cobras.
F KB Jerk sets, Presses, swings
-Press 5@20,8@16
-Jerk sets, get to 24s
2x24: 4x5
-Swings: 24kg 25,25
-Push-ups 13,12
-Prone cobras: 25,25
Stretch, notes: some abdominal work, stretch hips
Clearly, this will be pretty repetitive over time and won't always be online. I'll post when most of the work is 24kg and above.

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