Monday, September 30, 2013

Punching the clock, training some KB jerk

I guess people who compete at the top levels already have most of their lifetime general physical prep done. I read things like "kettlebells one day, running the other day, 7 days a week". I'm not nearly good enough - not nearly healthy enough, frankly - to do just that.

This season is working well for me because my goals are technical, not numeric. At a spring meet last year, I failed in a jerk. So, I worked on jerk. Over the next 12 months, I finished the 10:00 at three different meets. At a meet this autumn, in a heavier bell class, I failed in a clean. So, I need to build my hands. This training season is all about addressing weakest links and strength and basic skills.

I've always hated doing just jerk without cleans. I hear that a lot in Long Cycle crowds. We also capitalize Long Cycle but not jerk. This was a jerk day. Heavy work with gear, several sets of 5-10. Light work without gear, feeling where the bells lay on my hands and in the rack. I still maintain that training time without protection is a valuable addition. Placement on the wrists and in the rack is too influential over the long set to overcompensate with wrist armor and belts.

My jerk is currently limited by my lack of quickness. I'm also doing 2 days/wk of quick barbell squats and deadlifts, 50-80% of max, with box jumps and sprints as supersets. I'm getting quicker, and my legs are growing. I'm also doing step-ups to build my deficient hamstrings and reinforce my damaged leg.

The last thing I'm doing this season is not setting hard numerical goals. I'm doing 5 or 6 sets of basically everything, but I'm working well within physical limits. Don't tear palms. Don't get shaky and negative overhead. Don't miss tomorrow's session due to today's mistakes. The volume and running and goals will come in a couple months.

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