Friday, August 9, 2013

Training Log 2013/08/03-09 A PR and some self-diagnosis

Began this week with a set in honor of the International Friendship Kettlebell Tournament. I wasn't registered, but I participated in spirit. It also fit into the schedule, opening the week with a density day. The set was A-OK, completely fine, but I've been unhealthy since. More on that below.

Su LC Int'l Friendship meet
2x16: 80/10:00 on video 
Stretch, notes: 80 reps! Stretch and mobilize, cold shower, Mg rub. Didn't tear hands. 13-rep PR.

M run, body work
Lifted Sa, Su, and M.

Tu body work and rest
Woke up Tu with a migraine and a catch in mid-back.

Th run/walk intervals
3:00 run/3:00 walk intervals x5, about 3mi
Stretch, cold shower, magnesium oil rub on feet and calves (works wonders). Still have catch in mid-back; couldn't lift.

I've been off my sleep since July 31, I've had recurring headaches (not entirely "new"), and I've experienced a catch in my mid-back that I've felt once before. It feels like I've been folded forehead to knees in an MMA match, and it radiates around my ribs. I get a little relief when I stand or slouch. Sleeping with a pillow is worse immediately; without a pillow, worse eventually. Overhead stretching gives me an odd little crunch in my upper back and temporary relief. I do not remember how I fixed this the first time.

I've made three changes in my training recently to reflect a transition from Volume phase to Peaking phase, all following the week of July 21.
  1. I reduced and eliminated prone cobras. I did 5 weeks x 4 days x 2x25 without fail. I'd like to think I either fixed myself or at least didn't cause a new injury.
  2. I reduced heavy squatting volume and frequency. I did squat 2 days during the week of July 21 and felt wonderful, but none since.
  3. I cut out cable rows and pullups.
So I made three back changes at the same time. My sleep became irregular 4 days after I quit squatting ( :-D ). I developed this grinding upper back pain a week later. The headache is a pre-existing condition, but it's worse. I am seeing a doctor today about that, but the back thing should be within my power to fix now.

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