Thursday, August 1, 2013

Training Log - 2013/07/29-31

M LC Density sets
Indian clubs, stick work, and foam roller
LC 3'/3'rest: 12@24kg, 18@20kg, 24@16kg
KB SQ: 2x20kg, 5 front, 8 back
Stretch, notes: not bad. Didn't fail. 2x24kg was slow, but finished the 3:00. Good pace with 20s and 16s.

One more set

Squat Day was cancelled due to an extremely broken night of sleep. If there's one thing I've learned about myself, it's what risks I can safely take. It's not worth it to squat middling weights with poor form and hurt my back 3 weeks from a competition. I'd be better off with two days of body work and rest.

W LC Speed sets
Indian clubs, stick work, and foam roller
LC 2x20kg:30/5', 2x16kg:40/5', 2x16kg:10/1'
Stretch, notes: good pace, even if feeling winded at the end.

I did the 16kg work without the Kettleguards. Developed the slightest blister on one hand, a textbook little bubble of water. The same wrist had an unusual pressure spot where the handle hits the ulna. May have been because that's the bottom handle in my stack. May have been a distinctly different hand insertion. Something to look into.

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