Thursday, July 25, 2013

Training Log - 2013/07/25 Small Victory

Th LC 10' down the bells
warmup and stick work
24:13/3' + 20:15/3' consecutive
2:00 rest
16/4': 25 no guards
2 sets prone cobras, stretch 

This was a small win for me, not being exhausted or missing reps at the end of my 24kg set. Only 7:00 more to go. Did my 16kg set with deeper knees and no wrist guards, after a short rest. Felt good, felt like safe, proper practice that used the right form without feeling dangerously heavy on my knees.

Tomorrow is a secondary Squat Day.  Saturday is an optional run and body work day.  Will update again soon.

This is a YouTube Doubler mashup of today's video (right) and 3 weeks ago (left).

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