Thursday, July 25, 2013

Training Log - 2013/07/23-24 and season predictions

I've noted two things this week: I'm not as limber as I used to be, and I'm not as strong as I used to be. "Used to be" is only a few months ago, when I was doing more general work than sport work. My cardio is up, but my strength is off. As usual, I have some clues what I lack and what I need to work on to improve; the schedule may get complicated. This season is already what it will ultimately be, better than the last and short of my goal, and that is overall a good thing. I've started planning the offseason and next year, including these few predictions.
  • I may make AKA Rank 3 this year, probably not until New York in September. I may not.
  • My long-term goal is Rank 1, not Master of Sport. It may be Summer of 2014 or later.
  • There's a chance I may never make Rank 1, or that I may only do it once.
I forgot to note earlier that I'm not as young as I used to be, either. I have acquaintances in their 20s, male and female, who are moving through the heavy bells on a steady, almost linear schedule. I expect three of them to rank MS on September 07 in New York and another in the Spring. I have other peers in their 40s and 50s who have lifted the same bells as long as I've known them, even moved backward once or twice. They lift for health and for fun.

There's a point to be made about career potential. A 40-yr-old NFL quarterback is remarkable but not uncommon. Becoming an NFL quarterback at 35 just doesn't happen. The difference between quarterback and MS is that I can actually play football for a few seconds before my knee, ribs, ankle, back, and neck give out. I can't even rack 2x32kg. In one more season, I'll be a 45-yr-old amateur. This is a basic realism for a middle-aged American kettlebell hobbyist.

Tu Squats and jumps
Indian clubs and foam roller in warmup
Box squats/jumps, 2 each:
95, 135, 155, 175, 185, 185
2 sets 135lb jump squats
1 set 100lb cable rows, 1 set dips
2 sets prone cobras

Stretch, notes: 185lb should not have been heavy.  That was disappointing, but it reflects the disproportionate trouble I'm having with heavier jerks. My cardio is up, but my strength is down.

W stretch and body work
Sun Salutations, unloaded squats, Indian clubs
Rumble roller on T-spine joints, between shoulder blades, hips, and thighs
Stretch shoulders, hamstrings, quads, calves
half-mile walk and leg stretch at lunch

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