Monday, July 22, 2013

Training Log 2013/07/22

Monday - LC density

Foam roll and stick work
LC 2'/2'r: 
- 4rpm@24kg, 6rpm@20kg, 4rpm@24kg, 6rpm@20kg, 8rpm@16kg
16kg cool-down, 2x25 prone cobras, and stretch
Feels just a little "off" today. I tore a tiny hole in a callus only 3 reps into 24kg warmup, but it didn't get worse as the session wore on.

I had a 1mi run yesterday, first in a few weeks, and my calves were stiff. That may have affected my launch today. I've documented an odd set of assistance work requirements for my personal progress. Heavy squat work keeps my launch up. In fact, my launch suffers if I do only speed work or only volume work; I need to lift heavy. Running builds resilience in my feet, which helps more than I ever imagined it would. When I transitioned from barbell offseason back into KB preseason, my feet took a pounding. It's been a challenge to mix running and squats with any regularity and not cut into KB volume. I wish I had the recovery capacity to train (nearly) every day.

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