Sunday, July 21, 2013

Training Log 2013/07/19-21

Friday was to be a 24kg test set. Overnight work and morning on-call pages have played havoc with my rest schedule, and my peace of mind. Only 9 reps into a Friday test, my knees gave out. Rescheduled for Saturday morning, on video below.

Sa LC 24kg test set
Club, stick, spine, squats, triples
24: 13/3', 8/90" blew a clean
16: 34/5' (8,8,6,6,6)
2 rounds cool down drills 16kg
2x25 prone cobras: xx
Stretch, notes: paged at 6am, on-call has been rough on my training.
Disappointed with money set. Had more than 3:00, but not smooth at all.

Su Recovery work
Indian clubs, light calisthenics. 1mi run, untimed but around 9:00 and unbroken. Stretch out and hip mobility drills after shower.

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