Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Training Log - 2013/07/17: 5min Long Cycle sprints

Indian clubs, T-spine roller, and overhead stick work in warmup
- 2x20: 30/5' (PR)
- 2x16: 40/5' (PR)
Totally beat, but this was a good pace. Both sets felt like dropping the pace by the 3:00 mark. I am accustomed to 5:00, but I am not accustomed to sprinting. Both sets were 5:00 PRs. I've done 10rpm for 2:00 with 16s, but my form was not the same, and that's not something one wants to practice. 8rpm is a suitable sprint for me.

I've trained Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday for the longest time now. The general practice of only two straight days is good in theory, but my calluses motivate me to lift bells on alternating days instead of Thursday-Friday. This is the first time I've trained (any discipline) three straight days in some time now. I believe this will let me recover before doing money set on Friday, and sets up Saturday for optional GPP work.

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