Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Training Log - 2013/07/16: 20% strength, 80% sport

The time has come to cut down assistance work outside the purpose of basic therapy. There's a column by Dan John about training an elite level fighter through an offseason and into competition time. While I am by no means elite, not in any most generous sense of the word, I do compete in a repetitive, fairly movement-limited sport. Here's an excerpt from Dan's "Mass Made Simple" column:

"I am the strength and conditioning support guy in this endeavor. That is all. I monitor that edge of the training. I get twenty percent of the total time dedicated to training. So, “Rule One:” 80% of the training is the sport. The bulk of conditioning is going come from training in the sport. If our athlete is “not in shape” to fight, it is because we are failing to condition him on the mat. Mat time is the single most important factor in the success (defined as “winning the match” six months from now). There are times that the strength and conditioning work will hamper the fight training, the technical work. It must be carefully crafted and planned for the right time. We can NOT have an exhausted athlete fight for the money." (© DAN JOHN)

I'm stronger now than a year ago, but I'm also a little slow. Any strength training I do these days has to be focused on speed and must leave me fresh enough to lift the bells. I also use this metric to govern supplemental cardio. I need supplemental cardio when my calluses or my launch or my grip fail early. So this is more concise and clean program for the next few weeks. Done and gone in 45min.

Tu Squats and jumps
Indian clubs, T-spine roller: xx
Box SQ 5@45,65,95 xxx
2 SQ/2@24" jumps:
- 2@135 x3 xxx
- 2@155 x3 xxx (video)
Partial Jump-squats@135: 20,20
1 set inclined rows, paused: 15
1 set dips, paused: 10
2x25 prone cobras: xx
Stretch, notes: Back, knees, hips, everything felt fine. Rest was okay. I was not "quick" out of the bottom, but I accelerated through the lifts. Used TRX handles for the rows because they were already there.

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