Monday, July 15, 2013

Training Log 2013/07/15 - Long cycle volume

Monday - Long Cycle volume
Indian clubs, T-spine roller work in warmup
LC 2' AMRAP/2' rest, down the rack of bells
2x25 prone cobras, stretch

I didn't sleep through the night; barely got out of bed today. The 24s tried to pin me to the floor, but good work with the lighter bells and the quicker pace.

Wore the new compact KettleGuards today. Nice fit, plenty big enough*. I could easily compete in these. For my size, the standards might almost be a tad long, so this is an easy adaptation to make.

* Some federations have a 10cm (4in) limit on wrist wraps. The standard KGs are 5in; the compact are 3.7in to align with AKA and IUKL guidelines, among others.

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