Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Training log - 2013/07/07-08

I am seriously reconsidering my online presence. I've blogged a little, off and on, for some 6 years now. It's mostly been off. This blog's title no longer means what it meant a few years ago. I've got an entirely separate journal that's long been idle, one not committed completely to fitness. Most of my creativity lately has only sprouted in response to aggravation, and that's not as satisfying as it once was. Stay tuned.
Beginning a kettlebell template from coach at Extreme Fitness. Haven't done 5:00 sets in almost a month, and he's talking about an easy-pace 5-7 min set with 24s.  Sure... 5:00 with 24s.

M LC speed
Indian clubs, T-spine roller: xx
LC 5'/5'r@20,16 6-8rpm
(Blew it! Misread timer.)
- 20:25/4', then 8/1'
- 16:8,8,8,6,6 (36)/5'
2x25 prone cobras: xx
Stretch, notes: pace wore me out. Reps were okay. Cleans are much improved, smoother into the rack.

Tu 65% box Squats at speed
Indian clubs, T-spine roller: xx
Box SQ 5@45,65,95
2 SQ/2@24" jumps:
- 2@125x3
- 2@145x3
Jump-squats@145: 20,20,20
50 push-ups: 15,10,15,10
2x25 prone cobras: xx
Stretch, notes: squats still feel slow, but the work is the work. Wouldn't expect to be all fixed by the second day.

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