Saturday, July 6, 2013

Training log - 2013/06/30 week

Coach and I agreed I needed work on speed, mostly quickness out of the first dip. I'm also changing the form of my cleans a little bit to land smoother at the top. Coach was comfortable with me doing my own KB programming, but offered a template that I'm following.

Thursday's 24kg/2' set

Indian clubs, T-spine roller: x
2x20 prone cobras: xx
LC 5@16,20,24,24,24: xx 5,4nc,5
Deep Jerks 16kg:20/3', 14/2'
Stretch, notes: regular jerk annoys my wrists terribly. Forgot why I quit that. Replace with LC, even if light and deep.

Tu 60% Box Squats, 24" jumps
T-spine roller: x
2x20 prone cobras: xx
Box SQ/bench jumps,6-8x2@60%
Rep out 135: 8 reps, smoked
Partial HSPU: 3x10
Stretch, notes: not sure about prone cobras before workout.
Short on squats, but losing speed at 135. Was too smoked to rep 135! Did not expect a few sets of 2 to do that.
Th LC Density
Indian clubs, T-spine roller: x
LC 2'/2'r amrap, work on CL
24,20,20,16,16: 9,12,11,15,16
2x25 prone cobras: xx
Stretch, notes: I got 2:00 with the 24s, first time in a long while. I greatly prefer prone cobras after lifting, just like step-downs and other assistance work.  Tried them before, interfered with the regular work.
Note: suffered a rare episode of vertigo! From midday Friday until midday Saturday, I had varying degrees of dizziness and inability to focus my eyes. Saturday morning was a little better, so I got my workout in. The exercise helped.

Sa Press and Sumo DL
Indian clubs, T-spine roller:
Swiss bar Press: 5@30, 50, 70,
3x5@75; 10@50
3 Sumo DL/3 24" jumps
3x3@135, 3x3@155
2x25 prone cobras: xx
50 Cable rows: 90lb, 25, 15, 15 (grip!)
Stretch, notes: maybe 25% vertigo this morning, but exercise helped. Was not an issue working overhead. Was surprised that grip was the first thing to go during cable rows.

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